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  1. Man I've been watching a lot of movies about the 70's and researching it a lot lately and it just seems like everything was so much better back then. I'm only 24 so I unfortunately didn't get to experience it. But I mean like everything seemed so much more chill back then and the world wasn't completely fucked up like it is now. I wish I could go back in time just to live one year in the 70's to see what it was like. Anyone out there who lived through the 70's? Tell some stories and let me know how nice it really was back then. :smoke:
  2. i would love to be 18 in 1970

  3. Hell yeah man that's what I'm saying. Its hard to explain but I just get this euphoric feeling when I think about living in the 70's.
  4. That's because coca cola used to have a little special ingredient in it back then.
  5. wasnt as chill as you think it was man.

    people were 'harder' back in those days.
    computers wernt in anybodys house yet.
    coke was making a huge appearance again
    idk man

  6. Well with people being 'harder' brought more discipline therefore the crime rate was significantly lower. You settled shit then and there, now days you have to go through the whole court system. Maybe the technology wasn't as advanced but that gave you all the more reason to go outside get high and have some fun.
    The coke I don't really see how that is different from now, just let the junkies do what they do and they wont mess with you. I'm not saying it was chill in a sense of laid back and calm, more in a sense of the world wasn't as frantic and it didnt have as much bullshit going on.
  7. I'd have liked to experience the 70s, but to say there was less bullshit and times were simpler is kinda viewing it with rose-tinted glasses. people have always been shit to each other and there's always been crime, backstabbing, greed, shit music, fakers and lunatics everywhere.

    Vietnam, sexism, racism, Watergate, recession, threat of nuclear annihilation, ghettoes, drug addiction, The Osmonds. All these things were in the 1970s.

    It just seems worse nowadays because we have the internet and communication allows us to find out what was previously hidden away from us.

    But still, I'd like to see the 70s, someone invent time travel already!
  8. The 50's is my long for era. I'll take a false illusion of Utopia any day. And the clothes :) everyone went that little extra mile. Not to mention being able to smoke everywhere.
  9. damn girl, you have fucking class!

    cheers! :smoke:
  10. I remember thinking like this for months after the first time I watched dazed and confused

  11. Now that you mention it, I watched that movie about a week ago. Thats what really got me thinking about the 70's.
  12. Meh, I think the 60's would be more my thing, but whatever floats your boat man..
  13. If I was alive in the 70s...I'd probably be dead by now from all the drugs I would of done
  14. I may be alone in this, but I love the 70's decor. The shag carpeting, the old retro couches and bean bags....
  15. Over the edge is a million times better then dazed and confused.

    Same story basically, its about what teenagers did for fun in the 70's, only I'll say it again, its a million times better.
  16. Nah man, you're not alone at all. When I get my own place, there will definitely be an air of the seventies.

    Lol I just looked around at my room, realized I have shag carpet, paisley and other trippy designs on the pillows and curtains, a big brown chair, incense, nothing matches, etc.
    Once I lived in a house that had brown carpeting on the walls :eek: Lol!
  17. Easy Rider and That 70's Show is what got me started lol.

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