The 700 Club vs. 'Reality' Television

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  1. Which one is more influential in our modern politics, and our modern societies?

    The 700 Club?
    Mindless Superstition masked as 'Faith Based entertainment'?
    (I'd like to see the math on this percentage, and how it was 'measured')

    Or Survivor?
    Mindless treachery, political tomfoolery, and brutally contrived games, that decide on which one 'lives' or which one 'dies'?

    Both of these types of programming are just exactly mind programming, of the expectations of how to be what we are now told we should be perceiving as normal.

    One program teaches us that reality is only a game, to be won or lost, according to rules we did not make, in a setting that is contrived by others, and an unknown all seeing eye, along with a panel of our peers, with both having a say in how successful we are, by testing us and voting, and rewarding us, while punishing others.

    But which show did I just describe?;)

    And which fantasy is more damaging to the human psyche?:confused:

    In actual reality, neither show is anything but a fantasy, but only one of these shows, has to pay taxes...isn't that interesting?

    (If you are wondering why this is political...)

    One of these fantasy-reality programs is considered above taxation, and yet has been attempting to produce and support, a presidential candidate for years, and has exerted untold conservative political influence on millions of American voters, shamelessly, since its inception.

    Can you guess which one?
    The 700 Club

    The funny thing is, only one of these 2 'Reality' shows I've mentioned, is labeled 'for entertainment purposes only'.

    The other one one just wants you to believe that you are powerless, and should give them your trust, and a tax free donation.

    Which one would Satan watch? Which one would he produce?

    Both shows make millions of dollars, btw. Millions and Millions.

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