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The 7 Best Foods to Eat When You're Stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by Thai_Sticks, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. yes i also would have chosen different ones,but he had a reasonable explanation for each.good find none the less!
  2. eh... not the brightest stoner. I don't add fast food at the top of my munchies food. I mean fastfood CAN be good, but i don't rely on a 16 year old covered in acne making minimum wage with food that i will be digesting later on.
  3. i disagree with all of those choises

    a good home-made (self-made) bacon burger blows all other foods out of the water
  4. Good work on the tags for this thread.

    I like wholesome toasted bread/cheese/spread stuff.
  5. I agree w/ last two posts more than anything on that list.

    Bacon Cheeseburger made at home > fastfood any day and even places like "chilis" "TGIF" and shit.

    Texas Toast is in my fridge, you don't eat it everyday, but when you do you enjoy it.

  6. haha this is what i saw for the tags

    cocaine, epiziotomy, food, munchies, penis, stoned

  7. I love really sweet, juicy ripe fruit when I'm high.

    Don't care for junk food so I disagree with most of the list.

  8. Id go with like Pizza or Cheese Stick or Pizza or Bud Brownies
  9. I would've chosen a few different things, but I enjoyed reading it...

    and I have a craving for shaved ice now !!!!:smoke: omg orgasm
  10. the only opne i can palate sober or stoned is the snowball, shaved ice what a term, lol. snowballs are awesome anyhtime, but stoned mmmm cold and tasty. btw i am not a picky eater at all, just dont like the choices. mine would be

    1. sushi
    2. mac and cheese
    3. chips and dip
    4. ice cream/snocone
    5. fried trout
    6. plain cheesburger
    7. some rice/milk concoction that my mexi friend makes, its tasty but i cna not recall the name.
  11. I use pot to often push me into eating the same ol' shit. Chicken, eggs, wheat bread, repeat.
  12. Sushhhhiii! :yay:
  13. sum good choices...

    chili cheese tots r bomb...
    never had those taco nachos, gonna c if jnb has them
    get some real jalapeno poppers also, those hit the spot...
  14. Papa johns pizza
    thought i wuz gonna bust a nut eating it

    and soda
  15. Strawberries should be on that list.

  16. yeah i would have liked to see some fresh produce make the list.THose are foods that definitely deserve the spot.kiwano melon or pomegranate is in my top 3
  17. What food DOESN'T taste good when you're blazed? Even healthy shit tastes amazing.

  18. Cept' rice cakes, them things are nasty whenever wherever.
  19. reminded me of the shakira song :laughing:

    this deserves a watch haha
    im stoned :)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHsPpJ73kiA]YouTube - shakira parody[/ame]

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