The 4,000 club . . .

Discussion in 'General' started by Bleezie_King, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. . . . can kiss my ass!!!

    HELLO 5,000 club!:hello::hello::hello::wave::smoking::cool:
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    when someone posts a thread about how many posts they have, i usually just say 'congratulations' or something along those lines, so congrats...for what? i dont know, but congrats anyways.
    remember n00bs...the more posts you have, the bigger your dick gets!
    but to be honest b-king, i liked your thizz sig better, just for the record
  3. Blizze's sig, Im not sure of the meaning of it main.

    But fuck ya ***** im like 7000 deep hahaha .Naa ***** i dun give a fuck, I dont post for shit no more like i used to.

    Congrats on bein down with GC for this long.
  4. 700 Club Representin'! :p:laughing::bongin:

  5. naw, the more REP you get the bigger your dick gets.

    and the thizz one was cool, but i thought it was a time for change. maybe i'll bring it back soon but i like my current one too much.
  6. I work with cuttin meat daily, So thats why im iffy on your sig.

    Im not sure what you mean.

    And this is prolly a dumb ass post, But dawg, Im on drugs. ;)

  7. naw i love meat man. i'm just being ironic.
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    congrats! im way fucked up. droned. can barley type

    edit: HAHAHA ^^^^ KSR- im on drugs. word! im mad fucked up
  9. Well. If you never guessed it...
    I do drugs
  10. Ballers got it right..

    bring back the thizz!

  11. [​IMG]
  12. damn movin on up

  13. weak....soft shell taco, mild sauce.
  14. i wana be like bleezie king :(

  15. hahahahahahaa

  16. no, you don't.
  17. wow man, both of us are gunna have to be attending rehab for GC addiction at the rate we are posting, didnt u have 4000, like, a month ago!?

    didnt i have 1000, like a month ago!?

    shit man. im takin a break make me sum steak and waffles.

  18. yeah for real i spend too much time on here.

    watch, i'll make 6,000 in no time
  19. Conrats mayne

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