The $28.00 225-LED panel - review

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    Another budget light with a great spectrum for cannabis. I got 2 for $55 shipped (most are from China I believe) and was skeptical but when it got here I was amazed!

    225 led grow | eBay

    I'm sure some of you have seen this before but I thought I'd share my experience/pictures.

    They also make them in 4-color combos or all white, all blue, or all red.

    Specs per panel:
    14w= 225x0.06w LEDs
    1.1kg=2.4lb, the 4' cord weighs more than the light!

    This lets your light come within 3" of the grow space ceiling since there are NO heat problems to worry about whatsoever. I'll be getting the "real" LED light at some point (blackstar) but for now this gives me some great purple side light.


    Obviously red and blue are most critical.

    The low wattage means they have to be close but these panels are surprisingly bright (hard to look at) and I'm gonna leave them slightly touching the tops of my flowering plants since these are not even warm to the touch.

    my light meter currently can't be found...

    A few photos:

    one on one off


    SO CLOSE to the leaves!


  2. A few shots of its coverage in my 14x28 inch area. This is just the 2 panels turned on, this much red/blue light coverage from 28w.


  3. I use 14w Growpannels for side lighting and the Growpannel45 (28w) as primary lighting. Is working great thus far. I have been told again and again by many credibal resources to not use the 14w as a primary light. Spend $150 and get a growpannel45 and use those for sidelighting. You won't regret it!

  4. Ya I don't actually have them set up like the photo to grow, I have them on the side

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