The 2014 Winter Olympic Games

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  1. Anyone else been tuned into the 2014 winter Olympics? It's great entertainment being able to see all of the best athletes from countries all over the world come together and compete in athletics. I'm currently watching men's hockey, Switzerland vs. Sweeden and they're pretty damn evenly matched so far.

  2. I tried but ya can't. Just going to record USA vs Russia etc and call it that.

    But go Merica. Win dem golds!

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  3. USA, USA, USA, USA. I keep track of the medal count on ESPN, but other than that I've watched like an half hour of Olympics. 
  4. Only the men's hockey is worth watching
  5. I've been recording but haven't had a chance to watch yet.

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  6. What do you mean all over the world?

    Only white people countries participate in Winter Olympics. So like 75% of the world athletes are not even competeing
  7. I love the olympics. Where else can you catch 17 days of sports that would never make it on tv otherwise.
  8. I've been watching a good bit but I'm sick of all this damn figure skating

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    And McDonalds commercials........
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    YOLO flip > Shaun White
    Hate that creepy, soulless douche-bag. Jokes just a hair joke.
    Snowboarding is my favorite to watch though. And then the snowmobile flipping 
  11. By all over the world I mean all over the world, because the countries are from all over the world :confused_2:  
    Regardless of how many countries are in it that is true :mellow:
  12. Watched cross country skiing, and decided it's probably the most boring form of racing out.
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    Bobsledding is cool to watch gotta say down hill skiing is intense watching it now and these guys haul ass

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  14. Not true, Jamaica has a bobsled team

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  15. I'm a little pissed off that this show I was following was put on hold.

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