The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CosmicSerpent, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. So I was talking to someone recently who said they aren't going to vote in the 2008 election, but rather wait until 2012 when we've hopefully got better candidates. Interesting strategy, but anyway it got me thinking about the next election.

    I wonder if Iraq and the economy will still be the main issues, or if we'll be on the path to resolving them and ready to move on.

    Anyone have any predictions about who will be running, or even who might win? Obviously there are two paths to go down....

    If McCain wins in 08:
    - Will he run for re-election, or will he step aside and let Sarah Palin run in his place because of the age factor? Will the Republicans choose someone else entirely because they are dissatisfied with his administration?
    - Will both Obama and Clinton run against each other in the primaries again?

    If Obama wins in 08:
    - Who will be the Republican nominee? Palin, Romney, Huckabee? Or someone completely new?

    Also there are third parties to think about. I wonder if Ron Paul will run again?
  2. I bet Palin's the nominee in 2012 either way, barring something disastrous for her. I think Hillary will get it if Barack loses this time, but I could be wrong.
  3. I think the US will be in complete chaos by then, like police states, and other places, no order or anything, and huge corruption, like mexico is now.

  4. Even if Barry gets elected?:eek:
  5. If Barry gets it this time around, I'm confident he'll do a good enough job to get reelected in 2012.
  6. The world is going to end in 2012, so it aint going to happen.

    Too bad.

  7. rah rah rah rah burden of proof rah rah rah rah.

  8. greetings,

    i will debunk this statement!

    seriously.. i'd guess Clinton will run for the dems with little competition ( is up already)

    and the usual suspects for the GOP (paul, romney, huckabee maybe palin etc). I doubt McCain would possibly run if he loses this time around, if age is an issue now, then in 4 years it will be crazy lol.

    as far as 3rd parties, i doubt anything will change in that department in four years, unless the media gets some sort of overhaul or something.
  9. Paul might have some further success. He could become much more important, though I doubt he'll be in real contention for the nomination.
  10. i dont give a shit..
    all i want is a fuckin war against the gov and the police
    get our freedom back

    i want a riot across the america
  11. Good luck with that. :rolleyes:

    Humans are innately tribalistic, this IS anarchy!
  12. I'm voting for Ron in 2012, he is a great canidate, I agree with everything he says other than some of his foriegn policies.
  13. I wouldn't want Ron to run in '12, he'd be 76-77 years old. The man deserves a break after all of this. Hopefully his son will step up to the plate.

  14. I agree, it's so stressful to bitch about everything from a 3rd party soap box where you are accountable to none and are totally free to speak your mind with no real repercussions.
  15. Ron Against the Machine!
  16. i'll vote ron
  17. now why did you have to say that, seriously, None of us Ron supporters in here are damning your canidate, how about you lower that nose of yours and stop being so damn snobby.

    BTW i'm voting for Obama, so don't scold me for being on a 3rd Party Soapbox I refuse to vote partisan and only vote for the canidate I feel is best suited out of the choices we have.

  18. He said Ron Paul. You are IGOTJOINTS4YA. Notice the difference?
  19. Just for the record, I think most likely Obama will be re-elected in 2012 after winning the current election. Although I could see a possible scenario in which he isn't re-elected. People are expecting change and a lot of good things to come out of his presidency. He has a lot to live up to, but he has to balance that with the reality of the situation. Our nation is in pretty bad shape and only so much can be done in 4 years without fucking things up worse. I'm sure it will take longer than 4 years for our economy to look hopeful again. It could possibly take longer than 4 years to be completely removed from the Middle East (meaning both Iraq and Afghanistan), but it can be done. I just hope people don't expect everything to be perfect within a few months of inauguration day.
  20. Or, perhaps it could be the decades spent fighting the growth of authoritarianism, with an ill wife and a cat-5 hurricane to top it off.

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