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  1. Hi guys and girls, just thought id start a 12-12 from seed thread to show what can be done, all are welcome to post pics of their grows and pitch in with ideas.....these are grapefruits done 12-12 from seed in coco.:)

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  2. wow looks fuckin awesome man...what kind of lights were they under?
  3. these plants look incredible...nice! :D

  4. cheers mate...they were done under a 600 dual spec ....average weights 2-3 oz dry per plant:smoke:

  5. cheers mate....can only take a little credit..the plants did most of the work...
  6. i would love to know your setup..mmmm i remember some grapefruit i had a while back...loved every lil nug
  7. gh lemon skunk................really knock out smoke, think i pulled around 2 1/2 +... def grow it again.:smoke:

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  8. good stuff man. harvested my plant last Thursday. it was 12/12 since day 5. 10weeks total ended up with 3.8 oz dry. keep up the good work man

  9. i have 2 cabs..........the biggest is 1.2m x 1 m x 1.4 m hi.....i have a 400 and 600 lumatek, dual spec bulbs...the 400 has a euro reflector and the 600 has a diamond reflector, i start my plants in a smaller cab under a 250 watt envirolite...i feed hesi, canna, hammerhead pk and pk 13/14.....:smoke:

  10. nice one mate, how many plants you run at a time, i try not to put more than 8 under the 600 at a time......:smoke:
  11. this was 1 of the grapefruits that went a bit funny, still good wrecking material though.....i call it my little freak.

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  12. Oh my lord those pictures above me are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

  13. thanks i really appreciate that...........these are bubblebomb seeds.......i made these around 4-5 years ago.......they are a cross of bubblegum and thc bomb.....

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  14. damn thats awesome long have they been growing? and how long did they take until they started showing preflowers? ive been interested in trying this to cut down overall grow time.

  15. some start showing at approx 2 1/2 weeks, some try it out.there are a lot of peopl coming round to this way of growing. ive flowered 101/2 weeks start to finish
  16. amsterdam haze in a 1 1/2 litre pot:smoke:

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  17. so i thought id build a grow cab.......hmmm something isnt right here............wheres my bloody hammer.

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  18. these are bubblebombs 12-12 from seed...........

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  19. ive been wondering about growing 12/12 from seed. my last grow simply too way too long, 18 weeks total from seed. id like to see a smoke report on those bubblebombs. ive got 2 plants currently going, waiting on a 3rd to break soil. i put my timer on 12/12 last night, i am curious to see how it will go for me this time.

  20. hello mate, what you growing at the moment? sometimes the bubblebombs are like their father, slightly bubblgum but mostly it stinks , tastes with bitter edge, creeps up on you, hits you hard for a while then leaves you lively and happy..........

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