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The 10 commandments of a Seasoned Toker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SyntheticChild, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. I smoke a lot, and as a result I have started noticing little things that piss me off when I smoke with kids who don't know their shit. I started compiling a list of ways you know someone can smoke well. If I'm smoking a bowl with someone and they don't match most of the criteria I won't smoke with then again if it's my bud. Here's the list, please add on if you feel like I missed something.

    1. THE SMOKER CAN CORNER A BOWL (Most important, so many people roast it)
    2. The smoker can tell the difference between swag, chron, KB, and headies by sight and smell.
    3. The smoker can take big rips without wasting weed.
    4. The smoker won't cough off the same big rips.
    5. The smoker can milk a large (2 ft+) bong.
    6. The smoker has tolerance, and can last during a long sesh (atleast 2 grams of weed)
    7. The smoker remains composed while high, and can act sober if needed.
    8. The smoker knows simple etiquette like rotation rules, etc.
    9. The smoker has correct fundamentals (lighter use, inhaling techniques so they don't blow a bowl, or suck one through).
    10. The smoker can do smoke tricks IE blowing Os, and french inhale.

    Add em if you think I missed some.
  2. i agree about the cornering. i hate when ppl torch it.
    but.. did you say that if ppl you smoke with dont meet all these requirements you wont smoke with them again? they your freinds man. dont ditch them. teach them
  3. All my friends know how to smoke man, I mean when you smoke with random kids.

    Example: I was at a party. I brought my bong (3 ft zong w perc and ice catch) and a pipe. I ended up smoking a ton of kids up. Not one of them cornered. It's fucking crazy if you load a .4 bowl, and then only 4 people rip it on a pipe before it's KO'd.
  4. Hey man I don't mean to impose but...

    There's a HUGE thread if you hit up the search button. We did one of these awhile back. They might have a lot more creative ones.
  5. Cool list man. I don't know all of the lingo you used though. What's the difference between cornering a bowl and roasting it?
    I'd probably hit all of those.
    Things to add can roll a nice J or blunt. That's a good mark of seasoned stoner- rolling ability.
  6. If you corner a bowl, you barely touch the lighter to the very edge of the weed.
    Roasting a bowl is the opposite, you just light the whole bowl which wastes nug.
  7. I agree with everything exept rule 10. Who cares if someone cant french inhale or blow smoke circles.
  8. can you explain inhaling techniques. i didn't know their was more then one way.:confused:
  9. Hell I'll smoke with anyone as long as they don't torch the bowl and aren't annoying when they're high.
  10. a seasoned know must how to handle money, esp paying to much or not enough for people to smoke you up and so on
  11. i also have a requirment and also my biggest pet peeve ever while smoking...i hate when people are obviously just dinked and keep smoking wasting weed for the people who arnt that high yet, share the love people low tolerance is nothing to be ashamed of just say that your good and go raid the fridge, so to make a long story short

    11th comadment...when you are high quit smoking so you dont waste weed
  12. 12th: Dont let anyone dump a roach, if the l's burned at your crib:smoking:
  13. 13: Let he who droppeth the blunt be beaten once by each circle member.
  14. i dont care about most things but one thing i can not forgive is slobbering on the end of a carefully rolled blunt

  15. 2nd that
  16. aww the only ones i cant do are 10 2 and 5 but im still only 14 so i have alot of time and training to go
  17. I hate it when the etiquette police comes round to ruin my high.

    If your 14, you shouldnt be here. *cough* *cough* and seeing as to how i can barley read your post I'm going to assume so.
  18. i hate when people babysit the pipe. (hold it for way too long before hitting it) even tho im guilty of it many times.
  19. i agree with everything but the thing about smoke tricks and the thing about tolerance, why would you want tolerance in the first place? there is a reason people go on t-breaks. and desman, you definitely shouldn;t have said that :X

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