the 1 year plant.

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  1. So ive got this idea that im gonna grow a 1 year hydro plant. like one of the monsters you see out in jamacia and places like it. so im thinkin 9months veg 3 months flowering. im hoping to see buds the size of my head on this baby. what do u think the yield would be?
  2. With a 9 month veg on a hydro plant, you'll probably be able to build a tree house in there ;)

  3. i would dude. id put a fucking hammock in it
  4. Nah, but seriously, I'm no expert on hydro, but I dont think having a 9 month veg would be the best route to go. I'm guessing it would be a very big plant with lots of bud sites, but the size of the buds I believe would be determined by the plant, nutes, light strength, and you just have to judge when the buds are mature enough to harvest, so maybe more or less than 3 months.

    How big is the grow room? What lights would you be using?
  5. 9 month veg indoor? Gonna be huuuge man. I thought they start flowering automatically after a certain time, how could you stop that?
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    well this was our plan. we were goin to order some good seeds. grow a few times cause as of yet i only grow outside.(im in the middle of butt fuck nowhere) and we wanted to creat our own stable strain and of the healthiest plant from our stable hybrid we would grow the god mother plant in basicly its own room. it would definetly not be your average grow. id stop everything else and just manicure this one plant and give it everything it needed. as much light nutes what ever.
  7. Some plants have been kept vegging for 10years +!

    I say go for it, I vegged my first grow for about 4months and flowered her at around 6 feet high. She was bagseed and im thinking sativa dom! Didn't get the scales out but the yeild was huge, im growing 6 indica's at a time now and only getting about the same amount of bud. The stuff I grow now is much more potent and flowers much faster but I do miss that big old tree!
  8. They show pre-flowers @ a month or so. They don't start flowering, and won't flower until they're switch to 12/12 lighting.
  9. Better use a 55 gal drum as your bubblebucket.....that bitch wll be HUGE!!!....LOL:smoke:
  10. Biggest issue will be your height, and light penetration to the lower sites. If you can manage those.. you'll be fine.

    You can trim the roots throughout the year to slow the upward growth.
  11. with a 6'x6' screen lol:eek: you could spread that thing out soooo much

  12. thats how i was plannin to do it

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