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    The cannabinoid THCV (sometimes called THV) is known as a euphoriant, very similar to THC. The maximum temp. on my vaporizer is not enough to activate the THCV, and I'm concerned that this is preventing me from maximizing the euphoric aspect of the weed.

    Any thoughts on this? :bongin:
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    Yep..its a numbers game and your vape doesnt hit it. Pure science. Better for your lungs might not be better for your head. Roll a fat one, burn it and see what yer missin. Its the only way to be sure....outside of nukin it from orbit.
  3. According to "" THCV causes a stronger/faster high, as well as inducing euphoria.
  4. What temp does THCV activate? it's gotta be like 420F+?
  5. 428F / 220C
  6. Can someone point my to any more detailed information on THCV?
  7. That's exactly what I was hoping for as well.....
    I need to know what part of the high I'm missing out on, when I vape.
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    I found this article, has pretty interesting information.
    Same with this website
    THCV is found primarily in strains of African and Asian cannabis. THCV increases the speed and intensity of THC effects, but also causes the high to end sooner. Weed that smells strong (prior to smoking) might indicate a high level of THCV.
  9. THC-v is why I have such a hardon for authentic durban poison.
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    Real South African Durban Poison

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