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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jquicks92, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Is there anything besides marijuana that contains THC? I mean c'mon, bud can't be the only thing that contains this magic chemical.
  2. No there is not. There are endogenous cannabinoids produced in the bodies of all mammals such as Anandimide but the only life form that produces THC is cannabis.
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  3. I believe there's a man made THC or chemical which reacts the same as THC. Other then that no.
  4. It is the only thing though.
  5. I believe only weed.
  6. hella funy sig above me dam dat funny
  7. While you are correct on this, (and I could be totally wrong) I have not yet seen any large scale method of THC extraction from plants other than cannabis, simply because cannabis produces the most THC per dollar invested in growing it.

    Not trying to be argumentative, if there is some commercial-style extraction of other plants going on I'd love to see a link or something, now my intellectual curiosity is piqued.
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  8. Cannabis is the only genus in the Plant Kingdom that synthesize THC. This plant evolved the capacity to make THC millions of years ago as a defense mechanism against insects predation and to defend against competing plants in its immediate environment for nutrients and sunlight (allelochemicals).
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  9. cannabis creates THC-a , tetrahydrocannabinolic acid ... THC-a is for UV protection, prevention ... CBD-a is the OG cannabinoid the plant created starting around 50 million years ago ... low field plain hemp type of plants ... as creatures ate the plant ( birds, upright beings) they commenced to shitting the seeds to and fro and moved the plant into higher elevations were more UV was present .... hence THC-a was born

    Edit - and as to this comment board, there are Cannabimimetics that are cannabis type compounds we find in food stuffs ... THC is not really in any other plant species nor or any cannabis phytocannabinoids but theer are similar compounds created etc...
    two - beta caryophyllene in peppercorn etc...
    Falcarinol in carrots is a cannabinoid too
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  10. The early Earth's atmosphere had a robust and undamaged ozone layer, so there was no need for plants, such as cannabis, to devote their energy to the synthesis of specialzed UV-protective molecules. Ergo, THC did not likely evolve in response to UV radiation protection; however, the more pressing concern for plants is competition for nutrients and sunlight, thus this "need" was the driver for the evolution of Thc with it acting as an allelochemical.
  11. yeah, we really do not know what the ozone was like back then ... according to Mayans and earth core samples the earth has flipped poles a few times over evolution, thus surely F'ng up the Ozone at that time etc...
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    Actually we do know a lot about the early Earth's atmosphere. The ozone layer was robust and therefore diffracted a lot of the 280 nm light energy, so UV penetration into the bioshere was much much less back then. Ergo, no need for plants to make any extra UV protection molecules other than inherent chlorophyll. In summary and with parsimony, this evidence supports an hypothesis that THC evolved for an allelochemical purpose--to help Cannabis species compete better for nutrients and sunlight. However, only God actually knows why/how THC came to be.

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