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  1. Ok so im out here in new york and literally every single dealer ive come across is super unreliable (shocker) and i've been looking to find thc cartridges.... is there any way I can get these online and then shipped here?
  2. probably the deep web my guy

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  3. Deeeep web. Or Facebook groups.

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  4. Prolly the deepweb my guy. Make sure you have a 510 thread battery. I highly suggest the CO2 extracted ones as it is the most effective and safest solvent.
  5. Where to even begin to find someone to ship —groups on FB?
  6. Take a grey hound to a legal state and stock up
  7. my local plug has them but i also met legit people on insta.
  8. can you get shatter? if so might just be easier to make your own
  9. These are organic on deck live resin carts
    Good enough for the girls we know
    Strawberry banana and sour og

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