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THC topical salve *Healing ointment* How-to

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Ironhead, Nov 25, 2012.

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    Hey folks well I decided to make some THC salve for some friends of mine that are having some arthritis issues.. I have heard that this stuff has loads of uses and I would like to try it out for myself. When I was cleaning the grow room the other day I happened upon a paper grocery sack with a bunch of trim that I reckon I had forgot about.. as soon as I saw it, the plan was set.:metal:

    I have looked around the city and I cannot find a recipe like the one that I use, so I wanted to post this up for you guys to try out for yourselves. This is not my recipe at all, I am just trying to spread to the love. This stuff works guys and I urge you to try it out for yourselves.:cool::smoke:

    Salve has been proven to be extremely efficient for the treatment of burns (even of 2nd degree), certain types of eczemas, psoriasis and fungus. *Just pay attention to one thing – the salve should never be used on fresh bleeding wounds!

    Some healing or relieving effects of the salve:

    anti-inflammatory effects
    analgesic effects
    relaxing effects on muscles and other body tissues
    muciparous decongesting effects
    regenerative effects on body tissues

    Which diseases the salve heals or relieves as a complementary medicine:

    all kinds of superficial wounds, cuts, acne pimples, furuncles, nail incarnations, corns, certain nail fungus
    ragged commissure of lips, fever blisters, herpes
    certain types of dermatitis (including atopical) and psoriasis
    rheumatism and arthritic pains (up to the 2nd degree of arthritis)
    torticollis, back pains, muscular pains and cramps, sprains and other contusions
    phlebitis, venous ulcerations
    menstruation pains
    cold and sore throat, bronchitis
    asthmatic problems with breathing
    chronical inflammation of larynx (application in the form of a Priessnitz compress)
    migraine, head pains

    First off we can gather the ingredients.. I used:

    2 Cups of dry trim leaf that I had frozen and crushed up with my hands
    2 Cups Coconut Oil
    1 Cheesecloth
    1 Quart mason Jar
    2 Ounces of Beeswax
    1 Bottle of essential oil


    First off, I'll measure out the 2 cups of marijuana and put in in the oven to decarb for 15 minutes at 250 degrees. While that decarbs, I'll place the Coconut oil container into a warm water bath to liquify the oil so I can measure out 2 cups(coconut oil liquifies at any temp 74 and above):



    Now that our weed has decarbed, I will add it to the 2 cups of Coconut oil and simmer the two together for 20 minutes on a low setting.:


    While that simmers, I will measure out the 2 ounces of Beeswax needed and put it on the stove to melt down. The ratio of Coconut Oil to Beeswax needed for the salve to thicken up the correct way is 5:1. That means I will use 10 ounces of THC infused coconut oil to 2 ounces of melted Beeswax.:


    Ok the Beeswax is melting and the Coconut Oil is simmering.. What now? Lets ready our quart widemouth mason jar for straining out the oil from the matter. I just layer the cheesecloth over the top and push it down inside the jar a bit and then screw on the cap to hold it tightly. I'll just pour the oil through the cloth and collect as much matter as I can. When all the matter is in the cheesecloth, I'll pop off the lid and fold up the cheesecloth and squeeze all the rest of that oil out into the mason jar (careful it may be hot!).:



    Shoo wee look how green and awesome that stuff looks! Boy howdy this is gonna be some good stuff. I'll measure out 10 ounces of the beautiful green stuff.. this recipe should make about 11-12 ounces of infused coconut oil.:


    Ok now I will add that 10 ounces of Coconut oil to the 2 ounces of melted Beeswax still hangin out on the stove on low. Mix the two together with some gentle stirring and let it sit for about 5 minutes on low. :


    Last step is to take the mixture off the heat and add your oils. I chose to add an oil that a good friend of mine gave me recently when I was kinda down and out called "Instant Money". Sounds like a good one to add to me!:D:D:


    This is the mixture right after taking it off the stove:


    After about 20 minutes:


    When I woke up this morning the salve had completely solidified and is now ready to be used.. can't wait to give this to some of my friends in need!:smoke::


    How yall enjoy. I know I will!
  2. wow looks incredible
  3. It IS incredible! I have been using it on a burn that I have on my leg for the last few days and it is looking immensely better after just a couple applications!:D:D:D
  4. so this stuff actually works??

    can you justify using your trimmings on this salve oil over say.. hash?
  5. What is the essential oil for, just scent?

  6. Well.. I've made lots of hash. :confused_2:

    I wanted to do something different with my trim this time. I can def justify using this salve instead of a burn gel or neosporin. This is actually totally different than hash and this won't even get you high, but allows you to find the inner healing power of this herb.

    Yep just for a nice minty scent to it.. it actually came out quite pleasant smelling and everyone that has tried has really liked it. I even had one girl put it on her lips and she liked how it made her tingle!:D
  7. This is awesome! I'm totally going to try this this summer. I'm always banged up, artheritic and burned among other things in the summer, can't wait for this. Wish I had some trim to use right now actually, maybe I should use my ABV for this....
  8. [quote name='"mrsmichigan"']This is awesome! I'm totally going to try this this summer. I'm always banged up, artheritic and burned among other things in the summer, can't wait for this. Wish I had some trim to use right now actually, maybe I should use my ABV for this....[/quote]

    Good day ma'am.;):wave:

    I honestly think that it's worth trying out. I have read that super Indicas seem to work better and if you know what ya got.. high CBD strains will work even better.

    ABV is just vapor poo correct? If you do make some feel free to post some pics of it and how it affects you. :cool:
  9. I'll probably save the ABV version until I've made the trim/fresh version so I can do a fair comparison. Yeah, ABV is already been vaped. It's sort of activated already from the first heat so you can just eat it if you want to, I think some people do that. I just discovered it and have added it to oil that I'm making with trim or fresh herb to give it a kick but some people make oil out of just ABV and I probably will some time again. You can add it to just about anything, cook with it, etc it's jsut sort of a bitter taste and a terrible texture. But something like this (or canabutter, cannaoil) you don't get the texture because you strain it. Love it! It's on my list for things to try out.
  10. Hey Iron
    I made a batch came out perfect
    I followed your recipe almost to the tee, But I had some Bobby Brown that was sitting in cold storage so......................
    I used a little in the same recipe you made (should be strong)
    I was wondering have you tried yours yet and any recommended Dosage at this time.
    I would cut mine in half the BB was pretty strong smoke, But I need pain cream so badly that I used it.
    I want to try it on the soles of my feet I have bad neuropathy (nerve pain in feet and no one knows why) They burn so bad at night I cry.
    OK thks again for the Tut It was very easy to follow.
  11. I would Rep ya but the management wont let me
    THks again
    Trying it out at bedtime on the feetsies

  12. Cool dude! I'm so glad you tried it!!! They say the salve has many uses.. I got the awesome genetics of getting boils on the regular and let me tell you that this salve is the most incredible stuff to take all the redness away and that sucker goes away quick like 2-3 days where it was taking months and months to finally go away.

    I dunno if it will be really strong if you added more and I'm not exactly sure what really strong would even do for ya.. Maybe get ya high. I have had some friends use it on aches and pains and it goes away quickly.

    One other thing I'm noticing is that is that it seems to have gotten stronger as it sits, so if it's not great right at first, let it hang out for a few days and then try again. I hope it works on your feetsies!:D:smoke:
  13. Hey Iron, thanks for posting this. Can't wait to try it!

    I was wondering though if you can tell me the reason for the beeswax...I mean, couldn't you just use the coconut oil? I'm thinkin it might 'stretch out' the absorption of thc a little bit and/or make it last longer? :confused_2:

    I've got some pretty potent weed infused coconut oil that I made awhile back for cooking...never occurred to me to use it for pain but I might just have to give it a test drive until I have a chance to try your recipe (once my indicas are harvested and trimmed)!

    Thanks again! :hello:

  14. There is no dosage for a topical. Just rub it on and massage it in. I find that using it periodically throughout the day keeps my pain at bay really well. It also is great for one time application, too. I use it for all kinds of pain including joint pain, foot pain and spinal nerve pain. I swear by it and try not to run out.

    You really don't need to use your full strength enhanced coconut oil for topicals. I make mine half strength by adding the same amount of fresh coconut oil. Most people use low level trim for topicals because it still contains the pain relief properties. I use my good oil but reduce it by half and that makes twice as much. I add a little vitamin E and aloe to mine as well as Tangerine essential oil.

    It should work well for your neuropathy. I have friends that use it for that. Good luck. :)
  15. Very in depth and easy to follow guide. I'm going to have to try this out!
  16. Hey noob thanks for checkin it out. :cool:

    I'm pretty sure the bees wax is what keeps the salve at the correct consistency because coconut oil turns to a liquid at around 73 degrees and higher. Its in like a semi hard state right now after its been out for a while.. it melts easily when you touch it and i've had no problem applying it to any area.:D

    When you mix the melted beeswax in with the infused coconut oil it should coat the back of a spoon and thats how you will know you have the correct consistency for your salve.

    Feel free to post up some pics of your salve and a review if you do decide to make some for yourself... mmmkay?:p:D

  17. Ah man I bought some Vitamin E oil at Whole Foods to add to the salve, but I reckon I got high and forgot to add it in..:p haha I'll catch it next round though for sure.:smoke:
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    You don't want to use a lot. 1-2 drops per fluid ounce. I just poke a hole in a couple of vitamin e caps and squeeze it in. Most goes on my fingers anyway so it's just about the right amount:D
  19. Would using this cause a fail on a drug test? I know lots of people that would use this if it didn't get them high and wouldn't cause them a fail on a test. I'll use it but I don't need to worry about drug tests at the moment, not unless I change jobs or change something major with insurance, damn insurance.

  20. It could, even in low dose. The coconut oil carries through the blood barrier and brings along other molecules that are bonded to it. So, the thc would be detectable I would think. However, it could be too small a reading to set off the test but I wouldn't want to be the one to test it. I have friends who would also like to use it but have the same concerns about the tests.

    It doesn't get you an initial buzz, but if used full strength without any other ingredients it will cause a bit of a rush if you're already stoned. Most people don't decarb for topicals so that they remain inert. The pain killing properties are the non-psychoactive cannabinoids which don't require activation. :)

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