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Thc tea?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by angusbeef, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Ok..

    Need a science buff to chime in here..

    Would putting your old stems in a coffee pot just like a normal breakfast brew extract THC?

    This will be the second time doing it-- it defiantly makes an off colored promising color water with a marijuana taste. Am not 100% sure if its the cane sugar addition or the THC giving me a head change, both?

  2. I can't imagine that just boiling the stems in water by themself would give much of an effect at all. You need to simmer it for a while in something with a high fat content like butter or milk and then put that in whatever tea you want. Whenever I make brownies I take any left over cannabutter and the bits left over and steep that in some herbal tea. Really nice high, kicks in after like an hour or so. Drank it before class then started to feel it in the middle of my last lecture, kinda overwhelming but still fun:smoke: Only thing about marijuana tea...it tastes terrible! I guess you could mix something else in to make it taste better; honey, creamer, etc.
  3. If it's your second time doing it, if you got high the first time yes, if you didn't no. Or you didn't use enough xD.
  4. that wont work. thc is not water soluble. simmer 4 cups milk, couple teaspoons honey, put weed in it and keep it on low for a few hours. use that in tea.
  5. A few of my buddies and I tried making thc tea by boiling stems and leaves. It tasted horrible and we didn't get a buzz.

    We said fuck it and just ended up smoking.

    You would probably need to boil the stems/leaves in like high fat milk or butter and then add that to the tea in order for it to be effective. We just wanted to get high at that point and didn't bother.
  6. Right--THC is fat soluble, but i'm not entirely sure water does not work...lol.

    Have you ever heard of people extracting thc from street buds prior to selling them? It's old school trickery but I've heard and read about buds simply being "washed" of their THC crystals. The stems I have, are pretty knarly looking..more crystals than some peoples sacks i'm sure..sadly :( lol.

    So here it is based on my experiences--

    It seems to work for me but than again I add a table spoon or so of pure cane sugar to sweeten the caucasian, something I never really eat aside from these occasions so that may contribute to my head change and placebo interpretation of being stoned.

    I am no expert..but the first time I partook of this Tea I ended up at the china buffet awfully "THC hungry".

    I will try boiling them in milk for a while next time-- will have to pick up a pint of high fat(typically drink soy lol)... see if I can't produce a better, or even real high lol.

    Infact, come to think of it I still haven't removed the stems from the last batch if they aren't molded yet---and water doesn't remove the THC like the majority consensus says I should be able to utilize the THC this afternoon.

  7. Yea I've heard of people doing that before. I knew some douche bag that would buy a shit ton of weed, vape it and then sell it again to make his money back.

  8. This sound's like an experience based comment? lol
  9. brb milk run

  10. milk or creme are the way to go
  11. i made a pretty good chai tea with mj infused whole milk. the chai spices masked the tase of the bud and it worked great. 6 hrs of good vibrations!
  12. I'll tell you this..

    A small pot of water, probably about 2 1/2 cups, with a small bit of milk, some butter, some honey, and a little bit of syrup, mixed in with a quarter ounce of cannabis boiled for 45 minutes..

    Will give you two doses of tea that will fuck you up for more than 10 hours. I could not play halo. I could not do anything other than lay there and close my eyes and float away forever. Until I opened my eyes and came back.

    I was soooo stoned.

    that's how it goes.

    P.S. I kick nutsack at halo
  13. So i grabbed some 2% milk, boiled up them stem's that had already been through the coffee filter-- it was very odd. The milk stained yellowish brown, just the same color the first filtration of water did. The honey may have factored into the browner i guess the first go round with water was more yellowish.

    For lack of a better word--i am going to say the "filament" inside the stems--the white shit was boiled out of its casing and a hollow green stem resulted.

    Defiantly went into consumption thinking I had a better shot here than with the water-- I've acquired a taste for raw pot over the years, lol-- so that did not bother so much.

    I'd been smoking pot too, but shortly after consuming this liquid I slammed the wall hard...lol, unfortunately it was rather short lived.

    IDK--- I think I got some THC with the water in the previous experiment but would defiantly, as recommended and like all of ya'll's wisdom supports tell anyone else looking into this to go ahead and just use milk.

  14. No offense but you are really bad at this. YOU NEED FAT. 2% is not going to cut it. Get some heavy cream or butter, and then simmer it with the stems for 30+ minutes the longer the better.
  15. Glad to hear it worked out man. How long did the high last? You said short lived but is that 2, 4, 6 hours?
  16. #16 angusbeef, Mar 22, 2011
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    lol i'm only as good as the input I get sucka.

    seemed it worked with water..

    seems it worked better with milk... good enough for me I don't need to be eating a bunch of butter with my shit i'm compromising intaking fat milk, yah I'm a fitness buff:eek:.

    I had a better judgement of its effectiveness today, took two fatty water pipe hits and drank the last 1/4 of the THC milk shake. I felt pretty well blitzed 4-5 hours later for sure. Yesterday I was smoking a lot too and it just pretty well complimented my high... took me to the wall for 10-15 minutes is it, bout the equivalent effect of smoking a fatty blunt.

    The thc was exposed to at least 10 grams of potential fat to bond with? via the at least two servings of milk used ...i'm no scientist, but that seems enough to me.
  17. In addition to being soluble in fat, THC is soluble in alcohol. The "washing" you're talking about involves using alcohol (usually high concentration, like grain or isopropyl alcohols) to strip the crystals from the buds/stems/trimmings. Look up QWISO hash. The QW stands for quick-wash.

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