Thc tattoo

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  1. i just got this about a week ago its the molecule for thc

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  2. Badass! Top of the foot eh? Brave spot ;)
  3. that's clownin man! maybe you could fill it in somehow or add some kida color affects to it later? i like the idea, shits raw!
  4. Clownin?

    Chemical structure is not supposed to be filled in :)
  5. i was thnking about getting that, but i wanted it in like rasta colors that fade from one color to the next through out the tat.
  6. very nice first post!:D
  7. seems like a really painful spot. but cool!
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    You owe us a pic of your ink still ;)

    Edit: Sweet ass tat man.
  9. Haha thats SICK man. I once debated getting a tat... That exact idea floated through my head, but I decided to put it off til I thought of an idea that I would be okay with having forever haha
  10. thats fucking rad dude :smoke:
  11. really? my sister got a tat on her foor like that that says 'undead' she said it didnt hurt much at all.
  12. dam that shit is sick mang
  13. that would have been cool to do
  14. I owe a pic of my tat?
    Its in the art section ;)

    I dont have one on the top of my foot but I heard its one of the more painful spots, but then again, tattoos arent really "painful".
  15. Yeah, that's tight looks good in person.
  16. thank You Austin lol
  17. i was on the phone with my gf when i read this and i like yelled out "Thats so fucking epic" and now im laughed at.
  18. dude that is awesome, i got a buddy with a tat on the same spot, except his has 13 colors and had to hurt like hell. +rep man, enjoy your stay at the City,lol.
    I was gonna be the first in the City to get a THC molecule tat :smoke:

    Looks great, just thniking about that needle on the top of my foot though... *shudder*

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