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THC pills

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by willie199120, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. So i saw this idea a while back and it really made me want to try this new method of putting THC into my body. Having tried most other ways successfully and some ways not successfully i think that, i am qualified enough to determine whether it works or not. So to get on with it, my instructions
    Procedure(On a low scale for testing):
    1. I took 3 grams of bud and broke them apart. the finer the better.
    2. I put them in a small bowl and covered them with fatty oil. The oil line was just above the weed.
    3. Put this bowl into the oven for 20 minutes @ 350F.
    4. While it cooked i broke apart the capsules and took the shit out of them.
    5. When it finished cooking I put in the freezer for 10 minutes until it was cool. If you try to fill capsules with the hot oil it will burn the capsules(not good)
    6. I filled the capsules with the oil only.
    7. 3 grams of bud made about 10-15 capsules (they were kinda small)

    Benefits of using this method:
    -easily hide able,
    -very quick to eat,
    -you can put them in a vitamin container or other pill container and they will blend in if the capsules are dark yellowish color.
    -Very easy to profit from this, since most people have never had it this way.

    I will post back later to tell you how good they are. I had about 1/5 of the oil of one capsule and i am feeling very relaxed and super chill right now, more than i normally am, with an occasional giggle. Later tonight i will be eating 1 pill and then and 1 hour later i will eat another.

    Peace, keep toking
  2. Whoa. i didnt think that would work, logically. but hey, i dont know much =P
  3. interesting. what kind of oil did you use?

    i'm interested to hear back with your results!
  4. Budmail has something similar to this. They're called "Cannagels".
  5. liking the sounds of good to hear weather they work or not
  6. I've heard of actual pharmaceutical THC pills...aka Cesamet, Nabilone...anyone else?
  7. Yeah so basically Marinol?

    You outsmarted the pharm companies! :hello:
  8. Elsewhere I found a recipe on making caps using coconut oil. They recomended much longer cooking times at low temps, but after wasting 5 grams on it, I never got a buzz from that method. I wonder if this one would work any better for me. Mind you the other method the peopel that tried it all raved about it, so maybe I just do well ingesting.
  9. yea i heard that the government is trying to make medical mrajuana in pill form and idk if its true but i hear its called marinol lol

  10. That pill's been out for a loooong time
  11. It works! Basically last night i just took 1 pill and a half(one pill i had accidentally not put enough oil). It was a very different sort of high compared to smoking, but more similar to the effects that ive gotten from weed brownies. Basically for like 4 hours i was very chill, didnt really want to move, and i started talking to myself(something i do when im high by myself in my house :) ). So in conclusion they do work.

    Tommorow i will take 2 instead of 1.5 and report back.

    I used vegetable oil that was high in fats.
  12. I actually had a bottle of prescription marinol not long ago most of my friends loved them, they made me hungry as hell where i normally dont get the munchies anymore.

    Where most people only take 1 or 2 i took 4 and blazed a bowl and i was feelin great, if you come across them its definatly a good investment at least to try.

    They kick in peak 2-4 hours after you take them so be prepared to eat and chill out haha.
  13. I wonder if they'd be good to sell?

    New buyers would probably be hesitant because most are scared of pills.

    Seasoned blazers would think it would be sick, but might rather see the product first.
  14. Hey Willie just wondering about the smell during cooking; does it smell like mj while its in the oven?
  15. I actually had 120 marinols and they were gone in about 2 days kept 20 for myself i had the same doubt when i bought that many haha but people loved em, 2 for 5 and they dissappeared
  16. Also wondering if anybody knows where to buy empty geltabs or capsules to put the mixture into?? thanks in advance
  17. Tru Ganjaman: to answer your question go to like a CVS and get any pills that say capsules on them. You can pull apart the capsule and stuff it.

    You guys have to realize that this is not marinol. This is the same as eating a brownie.

    So today i took 2 pills during work. 1 hour into it i was sooo chill. It was a very nice body high. There wasnt too much giggling on but i did have a couple of "giggle sessions". I would rate this as a 5 out of 10 on the highness level.

    I counted how many pills i have and i have a total of 40 and thats from 3 grams. I will take 4 tommorow or maybe tonight and see how it goes. I will report back.

    P.S. selling 2 pills for 5.
  18. thanks again man, i look forward to the results update.

    Also, i was wondering if you could put it in anything except gel tabs, but also isnt food par say...anyways not a huge deal just an inquiring mind..

    thanks again ill stay tuned
  19. Dont use gel tabs you need to get CAPSULES. Capsules are meant to break and be able to reform them. I just took 4 pills at 10:41 i will post back in ~1 hour.

    Yes, you can put them in food but i think its alot pimper to just put them in pill form.

    Im going to see if theres any safe and easy way to turn the THC oil into permanent soild form, that will still get you high. Ill post back laters!!
  20. the dispensary i go to has sativa pills and indica pills. i always get sativa pills and theyre basically some sort of hash oil in a gel capsule. i absolutely looooove them cuz they give you such a clean, smooth high perfect for a day at the beach but theyre kinda expensive. if you've got a whole day cleared though its like a 15 dollar ticket to an incredible day.

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