THC Patch!

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Wouldnt that be sick? instead of the nicorette patches, its evaporates into your skin, and you have NO smoking involved..

    '....Goes to the drawing board in hopes to create the THC patch'
  2. Nice idea :D
  3. I guess it is a possibility, but it wouldn't be that strong.
  4. lmao, why wouldnt it be that strong?
  5. If you think about it Nicotine patches can only fit in a v. small amount so I guess it'd be the same with THC.
  6. sorry to rain on your parade, but i bet its been done. thc has been put in pills and liquids and smoking wouldnt take place for those who wished to smoke medical marijuana....... i dont remember exactly why, but they just didnt work out.
  7. Skin patches like the one you mentioned aren't useable for most people. They create blood clots in older people because of the nature of the skin absorbtion into the bloodstream. Also, it would take an extremely long time to take any effect, perhaps 6-8 hours, since it is not even put directly into any veins or arteries.


  8. those were all synthetic though right? and they could never give people the relief that true MJ could
  9. The patches are designed to deliver a continued dose over a period of time... not all at once like you're used to with smoking. It'd be a long, strange trip, I believe, if you could even get enough THC into you bloodstream via patch... maybe put on 2 or 3 :hippie:
  10. If you put on like 3 or 4 of those nic patches, youll get a long ass buzz and usually end up barfing. :) Just make sure the THC patches have lots of THC and itd be a really long lasting high.
  11. I think you can get them stronger but it is more dangerous, I mean you can get morphine patches and they r not weak they will rock you son. It all depends, I mean when you usse a nic patch you r trying to quit, but when you use a thc patch you r trying to get hig hso I guess can use ten if they r not strong enough. JOE>
  12. i personally have made the patches in the past. they are as easy to make as a nicotene patch. if u would like me to email u the steps just message me

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