THC oil or wax

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  1. We are getting ready to start to make our own mix but we are conflicted. He wants to do a more waxy type and I am more interested in a oily type that we can try to put flavors in like strawberry or watermelon. Has anyone else done this or recommend a base to use? 

  2. wax. make some shatter. im not into adding fake terpenes. are u trying to make the "clear" oil?
  3. Not to sure yet, there are so many instructions on how to do this and videos out the butt that we are still going thru the info. For me, the cleaner it looks the easier it is for me. I am very sight driven so if something looks nasty or smells bad, I can't get beyond that. The stuff we have right now looks like poop and every time I try it, I get the heebies so I don't really enjoy it. He says that it is stronger because it is more dense or thick as he puts it. I am so new to this and trying to figure out what works is very confusing so I figured I would ask those that are more advanced and knowledgeable than I am. Does the wax turn it brown?
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    If your goin for the oil for the tanks you gotta look into prop/veg glycerins. You gotta steep plant material or buds in that & strain. Next you gotta get your wax that is more the runny kind and mix that with some ever clear and heat with glycerin until you get the consistency right for oil tanks or wicks. 
    you add the flavors after that. look at capella flavors.

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