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    Living in Ireland and I cant find any THC oil for my vaporizer, any help would be appreciated.
  2. Are you asking for a ticket to Colorado or instruction on how to make oil?
  3. Not sure what you mean by the ticket, I'm from Ireland. But I'm hoping to get hold of a gram of oil to try in an E-cig as I dislike smoking. it kills my throat. The fact is that Ireland is in the middle ages when it comes to stuff like this.
  4. Have you tried a vaporizer? It looks like smoke but is vapor just like e-cig.
    Flavor, way less usage and incredible "lift".
    The ticket reference was to a legal purchase state.
    I love me some log vapes. Underdog, Enano for home or Milianna for portable.
    Good Luck.
  5. No, I only tried to smoke weed one`s a couple of yours ago but it kills my throat so I gave up until recently when I got the idea of burning oil in an E.cig but I can get my hands on any oil.
  6. Heya Kim

    This is a very easy and straight forward method using kief. If you do not have ready access to kief I would suggest checking YouTube for sifting methods.

    All of the basic supplies like the PG and VG can be had on Amazon. You can also find kits that contain all of the bottles and blunt syringes needed for storage and for filling the little vaporizer cartridges.

    You can very easily find empty 500 and 1000 ML cartridges on eBay. When starting out, I would suggest getting the basic plastic carts as they are fairly inexpensive. There are much nicer metal/glass carts that taste MUCH better. Make sure that the empty carts are for any 510 thread battery. There are some carts on eBay that are proprietary and are for a specific line of batteries/vapes (eGo?).

    The best thing about vaping THC out of vape carts is that there is NO smell. Nothing. People will just think that you're some e-cig douchebag trying to look cool. However, you will be high as fuck and just won't care. :blink:

    The 500 ML carts are good for ~100-150 tokes so they are very economical. Once you get the process figured out the THC levels should be 75-90% which means you will only need a couple of tokes before you are couch-locked and eating all the crisps in the house.

    If you absolutely cannot find kief then get the absolute best weed you can find and finely grind it in a blender or coffee grinder. Be warned though. When you start distilling this into the 50/50 PG/VG mix your house is going to STINK to high heaven of dank weed. Your neighbors will know what's up if you live in an apartment. Check out how to dry sift your weed first though. The kief process is far less smelly, tastes better, and is much more potent.

    Hope this helps.


    PG-Propylene Glycol
    VG-Vegetable Glycerine

  7. Thanks Oreo. it is much appreciated and I am familiar with the distilling process I still my own booze so I have plenty of alcohol available and all the other remedies too. But you see Ireland is not as simple as where you're from can't even get hold of weed or Kief so I will simply have to wait until the autumn because I plan to grow my own in the spring I really don't have a problem with neighbours as I don't have any, I live out in the sticks so stink is not a problem either. If you know anybody that would let me have a gram or too of Oil until then that will be much appreciated too.

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