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THC in your system for 3 months?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WesleePipes85, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Ok my friend told me that if you are a habitual pot smoker (smoke pretty much every day) the THC will stay in your system for not 1 month, but 3. Is this true? My parents are going to start drug testing me once a month, starting in 30 days.
  2. I'm almost 100% sure your friend is full of shit... I've never heard anyone say 3 months, every source I've checked says 1 month max.

    p.s. If I were you, I would completely pimp slap my parents across the mouth
  3. Its not the THC that the drug test looks for.
    THC doesn't stay for long, but I'm not sure how long whatever it tests for stays in, but I do know it depends on your weight, too.
  4. ive heard three months before....but no problem!!!!! smoke the day before you test and still pass it!!!!! look for threads about passing drug tests...there are SOOOO many, and they have great solutions to your problem.
  5. That's a real shame, man. I hope you're able to move out on your own as soon as you can. Doesn't seem like your parents trust you much.

    I've never heard the 3 month figure, but there's quite a few posts here on passing urine tests. Good luck, man

    See the sticky thread at the top of this forum, Subject "A answer to a big problem!"
  6. Here's a link to detection times:

    Your friend's not full of shit. Some people have been known to have it in their system after 3 months. It depends on metabolism, weight and other factors.

    It is THC that the tests are looking for and THC is stored in your fat cells. A person who is really overweight could easily have THC in their system for longer than 30 days. Even smaller people who smoke every single day, all day can have THC in their system for longer than a month.

    Trust me on this one. I've been getting high for half of my life and I know a ton of stoners and I've had my fair share of drug tests. I've also been here at the City for a long time and have seen way too many threads on drug testing and have done research out the ass trying to get info for people here.
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  7. Your completely wrong my wife still has it in her system it went to a lab and it measures it 0 to above a 1000 and 112 days sober she is still at 13.. I no for a fact she hasn't touched weed in that long so check your resources again
  8. Oh and I'll add she is 5'7 150pounds and drinks tons of water
  9. Happened to me to man. Bybt is 100 percent correct. Four months total for this guy. Not too fat 6 foot 200 pounds work my ass off. Got tested once a week so I could apply for a much better job.
  10. Marijuana or the compounds in it bond with the fat cells in your body, so if you carry more fat cells its going to take you longer to rid yourself of any traces of thc. This is true especially if you are inactive. Heavy smoker + heavy person + sedate lifestyle = long time to test clean. I tested dirty for a job once and i hadn't smoked in over 8 months. I weighed almost 300 pounds and sat on my ass most of the time.
  11. You got it backwards/mixed up with cbds I'm pretty sure

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  12. RMJL posted a link read it

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