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Thc in my system

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Futurehendrx, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. So I'm 19 and I smoke about everyday bout a gram of some fire will last me about 1-2 weeks and I weigh 120 exercise daily & am 5'3 I was wonder about how long do you estimate I'll be clean for a test from the day I stop smoking ?
  2. Around 30 days.(in urine).... and you can go to your local big chain drug store and buy a test that you can do at home, get the results in a 2-5 minutes. It is almost like a pregnancy test. Pee on the stick or whatever test you buy and wait for the line to show up what, if any drugs, are in your system. About $55 will get you a test that will test you for about 6 or 7 drugs. THC being one of them. It the line is bright pink ( if that is the color the test uses) then your high in THC or whatever drug popped up if the line is really really faint then a lab and I am talking about faint, then a lab would question it, but would not say for sure to whoever that you popped unless whoever is testing agrees to pay for the test to be sent off to a state lab. You can (in NC) (Ga) walk in to a local testing place, ask them to test you, they have to keep confidential, and they will give you the results right then that is how fast it works with urine. You have to pay for the test and I think it is around $45-$65. It could be higher. I get a drug test every three months, use to give them or send people for them at my old job but because I am on some really strong pain killers for a real condition, I get tested each visit for illegal drugs. But my doc does send it off I think but I watch them put the stick in the urine and it will show in few moments if I have any other drugs in my system. How's that? I pass every time! Except once and I had a little THC in my urine from dranobinal. Hope this helps, Drink lots of water. It will not speed up the process but water will help flush out stuff but still it will be 30 days.
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