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thc in ecig? i tried it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shaveddave, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. okay so today i just recieved my blucig white starter kit. it came with 2 atomizers and 2 empty carts on each. then also came wiht a bunch of flavored full carts. i always have a bunch of kief so i put some in the empty cart and hoped for the best. i got vapor when dragged at it. i could taste the previous flavor i had on it before but i also tasted kinda weed and popcorn taste so it did work to some extent. but when i looked in the cart the kief had turned much darker in color but not a brown, more like a dark dark green. im going to make some bho soon so ill try it with the bho hash that i get but you can use thc products in an ecig. :smoke:
  2. ive always wondered about this are you shure it works like a vaporizer or do you think it just burns it? oh and after its dark can u take it out of the e cig? :p stay blazed my freind sorry for all the questions i just always have thought about doing this
  3. well it supposed to no burn at all. no smoke or anything from what i understood, but I have also been very curious is to how this would work with a BHO extraction. How long did it take for you to get an initial hit of the ecig after putting the kief in? Like did it take awhile to heat up like a vape or instant?
  4. Its possible to smoke THC through E-cigs, its just you have to make the marijuana into an oil base first, which truly isnt that hard, here is a link to know how to make the honey-oil

    How To Make Hash Oil From Marijuana

    Past this step I havent actually tried the oil in the E-cigs but E-cigs use oil in their screw ons that go on the automizer, so I say if you can it in the oil and give it a try, and it would be a waste because if it didnt work the oil can still be used for the moisture for a blunt.
  5. Yeah let us know how it works if you try it!
  6. i tried it again after i came down from smoking this morning. i put a little screen in the empty cart so it works better. and yes it deffinetly (im too high to spell it) works. it takes maybe one or two primer drags and sometimes there is still juice on the atomizer so i had vanilla flaved kief lol. ecigs are the future. i have been cold turkey since new years. =D
    and now im thinking i could make bho carts and put them in my pack along with some nicotine java jolt :yay:
  7. it does not get hot like a normal vape it just turn a nicotine mixture into a gas
  8. My friend uses his ecig for thc all the time. He gets hash oil and he drops some oil on the heated element and screws the cig back together and puffs like normal. no smell at all.
  9. ha, this made me LOL.:smoking: sounds Deeeeelicious!
  10. *update*
    i was looking around on youtube and i saw you can by vegtable glycerin (what they use to make the vapor in the ecig juice) and you can make your own liquid. i was thinking if thc is soluble in vg that one could use this and gets tons of vapor while getting blazed :cool:
  11. ok iv been vapin about a month now dont smoke cig any more. thought it would be cool to try this e-thc out . got some propylene glycol USP and some bud put it in a shot glass and cooked it on a double boiler low heat for about 2 hours. made about 4ml use about 3 grams good kron. the once clear PG now a crazy dark green i added some flavor Lemon Pounded cake to take down the green smell . shit works great . i need a way to cook it down more to make it evan stonger.:cool:
  12. Well seeing as how all an ecig is, is a small vaporizer I dont see It wouldn't work.

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