THC filled Tomatoes

Discussion in 'General' started by MountyBounty, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Company makes any plant produce THC and the tomatoes are especially yummy

    Pasta and Pizza will be taken to a new level. I am picking one of these plants up ASAP
  2. Someone posted about this before, and someone googled this company and couldn't find shit...
  3. I have to disagree; THC isn't the only factor in the high, what about all the other cannabinoids..
  4. after reading the article. i have GOOOTTTTT to get on this shit! god damn, this is going to be fucking ill. but still, i love the skunk of weed. just something about it.
  5. im growin me sum dank raspberries!
  6. I'm also wondering how a spray would alter the plants genetics. I mean wouldn't they be genetically altered and just be bred like normal tomatoes, then cloned off, or brought to seed.

    I don't think a spray can just make a plant make THC, but hey what do I know.
  7. ^^^^ I don't know how a spray would make a plant able 2 produce THC but as soon as it comes out I'm buying a case of it before it becomes illegal.
  8. This is a load of crap.
  9. This was posted in another thread and deemed BULLSHIT
  10. Yup, this is complete rubbish.
  11. I'm not sure if this is legit.

  12. yeah dude without those getting high is just a giant fear-trip cannabinoids provide balance
  13. Make me some THC filled lettuce and ill put that shit on my Double Decker,it'll just factor out the having to get high part of going to taco bell.
  14. Temporary Page

    that someone is a bad googler, lol. It's the second link.

    Not much there, more like nothings there really, but it lends some certainty to the product.

  15. exactly what I was thinkin yo... Tomacco
  16. And our avatars are similar, AND i'm wearing my benjamin franklin gangsta shirt right now too. Lol

  17. Hah that shit was my background for a minute :p

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  18. Haha, frickin hilarious strip. That artists other stuff is good too.

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