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THC Extraction to Oil?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavior, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. Anyone ever tried this? I'm thinking I'll buy a couple ounzes of schwag and see if it really works.

    The link below is for like people that have access to scientific shit, but I can complete the first step at least.

    this one puts it abit more simlpy...

    One note tho- if anyone decides they wanna try it too, don't use aluminum foil (second site says you can), lol - well, you could, but theres no telling in what way it will fuck you up.
  2. No one has tried or even heard of doing this???

    Or have you all had enough of me and my posts...:( ;)

    I'll go cry myself to sleep now...after I try and find some weed (I STILL havent got any).
  3. i'm 2 lazy to clcikc links but yes i have heard of hash oil and IMO it is a waste of weed, i mean what's the point, it all gets u high.

    But me personally I don't care what I smoke or how I smoke it. Hash, Weed, Schwag, oil, pipes, bongs, joints, blunts, all the same to me.
  4. i didn't check out the site but i do thc extractions regularily it does take a fair bit of pot about 2 hours a couple cans of butane acopper pipe and a way u go if u want more info get back to me and i will find the site that gave the info needed or i could walk u through the oil is awesome ask trippiej81 i sent hima teaser hahaha
  5. Hmm, tried to PM you but it didnt go through - says your mailbox is full :p

    Whats the site - and how has it been working out for you? Like I said, schwag would be a good thing to start out with since its not much money down when you mess up...though, at the moment I have nothing, so any weed is way too precious to screw around with. I'd feel guilty especially with all those people out there that need a hit too :'(
  6. Crap - didnt see doobius' post. The difference THC oil makes is that you can put it on your regular stuff and it makes it SUPER weed :D

    Great if you wanna get high faster or just want better hits ... especially if you get some less potent weed ;)

    I'd make a lil bottle and save it for a rainy day when I don't have anything or I just want to get REALLY fucked, lol.
  7. yep that is the site. it works awesome the total cost for me was ten dollars and that was for the copper pipe and 2 caps. i will try and clean up my pm mailbox as i am doing an extration this weekend would be happy to walk through how it goes
  8. Sweet -thanx :)
  9. Let me start off by sayin honey oil is the shit!!! I had known about this extraction for some time and my old bud storm asked if anyone knew of a decent extraction method I drew his attention to the page that BlueDragon gave the link to. Well as Storm has said he has sent "gift" packages to me and let me tell you there is absolutely no waste in this method. I had the oil on rolling papers and twisted some regs in it man when you smoke that shit you get lifted LOL. I even put some high quality buds in the paper with HO in it man me and my lil bro smoked like 1/4 of it and we were sooooo wasted it was just funny. So I suggest that if you have the funds or the resources then by all means do it. Hey storm.

    Trippie J
  10. as my good friend trip man says it is the shit!!!! my last 2 plants both turned out to be male they have been drying for a week tomorrow is extraction day,, trippie watch the mail man
  11. As always my friend as always I am excited (heh you guys just dont know he has never let me down) hope I have some herb when it arrives Im also keepin an eye out for your cd list.

    Trippie J
  12. yo dude send me some of that shit in the mail too :)
    I'll send you a couple hydrocodone tabs in return hehe
  13. what is a hyrocodone???? never know stranger things have happened
  14. Dunno if you guys have access to this or not, but the latest edition of Red eye magazine ( No 13 ) has a good article on butane extraction+ they seem to have a nice , simple method of getting good quality oil using simple, easily obtained materials.
  15. storm38
    Do you put the weed in the pipe and then some Coffe filter? or does the filter go on the bottom of the weed?

    and Have you ever used Swag how did it come out?

    thanks sorry for the intergation :)

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