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THC Drops Confirmed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KillerSmoke, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. This was taken from someone who claimed they went through with the process.

  2. this sounds too good to be true...
  3. Meh, i was hoping for a reputible source, hopfully a respected member here will try it out for all of us? :rolleyes:

    Thats a long shot i guess, if not then it will be me MARK MY WORDS, maybe i will do it when i get my income tax...
  4. is that you shitting in your sig?
  5. lol @ the guy that says he wants to be the first man to od on thc
  6. hmm very interesting
  7. ok guys dont look into this matter much ive researched it ALOT and followed many posts. at first i thought i found teh holy grail of thc because this shit seriously sounded stronger than acid or anything. but as i read on through the steps that u had to use a ounce and some glycerin( glycol ALCHOHOL)wait 2 months and ended up with a gold oil, something occured to me i used to make marijuana oil with butane lighter fluid and anything that lights on fire(gas liqour etc..) usually has some sort of alchohol in it and the marijuana oil that came out was gold and a oil. so my friends thc drops are nothing more than a different name for marijuana or hash oil. took me a while to piece it together:D
  8. Well
    what's funny is
    I actually make this stuff often
    but in different ways

    the glycerin way is a very good way, and it does fuck you up hard if you take like 3-5 hits. The way I like the best is using everclear because it takes less time and you get the same effects.

    I'm actually in the middle of making a batch for this weekend, but once I'm done with it, i'll post it up.

    Stay Faded.
  9. tinksters are the shit. everytime i go to festivals i get ear droppers full of that shit for like 20 bucks. drop that shit on your tounge while your smoking and whatever else your doing and your going to be flyyying..
  10. yea thats total bullshit, he goes on to say he only used a nickel bag and got high off of one drop, and still had a good 30 more drops left. theres no way it could be that strong
  11. uh ya a nickel bag 2.5 Gs not 5$ worth of bud and if u follow the links back he goes on to say he bought a nick of dro :smoking:

  12. vegetable glycerin is not an alcohol. Although alcohol tinctures extract A LOT more of the constituents than a glycerin. I posted on this topic before, you can do an exchange to glycerin after you tincture it for an alcohol free product, but it's not necessary. Regular tinctures are wonderful!!!:smoking:

    And 2.5 G's will not get you much of anything. My wife is an herbalist and does a bunch of formulary work, and this is how she likes to do it:

    - Most of the tinctures she makes are done in a 16 ounce jars. nothing is measured. You fill the jar halfway with your herb of choice. if it's broken up, (which we don't) this can mean 1.5oz. or more of cannabis.(California poppy makes a nice sleep aid, it doesn't get you high but thats what weed is for).
    -Then cover the herb and finish filling the jar with an alcohol. the most commonly used alcohols are: brandy, vodka, and grape seed alcohol. (everclear can be used an is very effective, but fuck does it burn using it sublingually).
    -Then be patient, let it sit for AT LEAST 6 weeks. Otherwise your wasting your herb. (it would be like harvesting your buds 5 weeks into flower thy're looking good but not there yet).
    -Strain and press, squeeze the shit outa that herb. Get all the miosture you can out of it (a food grade press will do wonders).
    -Preserve that stuff in a brown or blue dropper bottle. It'll be easier to use and sunlight has a habit of degrading naturally grown active ingredients.

    look up the sublingual thread for the exchange method. I don't like glycerin, but it's a personal choice. They do work, and man!! your throat and lungs will appreciate it no matter how good a smoking device you have.;)
  13. well where i come from, and in most places, a nickel is 5$ worth. even if it was 2.5 grams its still wouldnt do anything. basically this is b.s.
    edit-the drops aren't b.s. just the idea of using that little bud and the process the guy used (he even says he didn't wait, he just mixed and strained it.)
  14. can't be trusted. Period.
  15. What is totse?

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