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THC content?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cannabis Cures, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I've heard of tons of ways to store bud and I know that if you are just careless enough to leave it all in a baggy on your counter or something the thc potency decreases. My question is how fast of a rate do you think it increases? Like after a week of sitting in a bag could really strong strains turn to mediocre smoke?
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    I know...hence why i deleted my reply. jumped the gun a lil.

    edit: but nah you're good it was my b
  3. and to finally answer your question, yeah. but there are many factors that are in play. temperature, where its sitting. lots. its not like your bud is gonna be non potent after sitting out for a day though ya know?

    edit: fuck. I'm baked. you asked by how much it decreases not if it does at all. my b man I'm really messin this up right now. hahah
  4. Yeah my thing is i usually don't buy more than 2-3 grams at a time and I keep it in a baggy because I finish my bud up in like 2 days. So is keeping it in a baggy even decreasing the potency if it's only a couple days?
  5. A few days won't do much. The only thing that might lose its potency is the smell.
  6. Nah man i really dont think it decreases the potency that much if you keep it in a baggie for like a week or so...
    The bud gets dry thats fo sure and it becomes a bit harsher when you smoke it, but the potency is not really affected imo
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    i'll keep bud in a jar for about a month at a time. sometimes it gets a bit dry towards the end, but i use a vape so it's not a big issue (just turn back the heat). i don't think it gets less potent, at least not noticeably so. i just got some 'humidpaks' to try out, but i think i bought the wrong kind! but they're supposed to be good for keeping your bud "fresh."

    keeping bud in a bag is silly, unless only for a few days. otherwise, just buy a jar--they're very cheep and your bud will last a lot longer before drying up. i mean, it's not a big deal if you don't... so i shouldn't say it's "silly," i guess. but jars are cheep. buy one!
  8. It's called oxidation. Look it up.

    There's so many threads on this kind of thing you don't even deserve an answer because of your laziness.

    BUT in my merry christmas spirit fucking a week or two you won't notice anything. Fuck.

    Storing for more than that put it in a mason jar. Put it in a mason jar from day one imo.

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