THC CBD Shown to “Shrink” Tumor in Recent Cannabis Cancer Study

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    A new cannabis cancer study has shown that the cannabinoids THC and CBD could actually work to “shrink” the size of a hard-to-treat brain tumor.
    A recent cannabis cancer study published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics is reporting that the use of certain cannabinoids appears to actually shrink the size of the tumors among a group of brain cancer patients.
    With the goal of finding a way to improve treatment outcomes for “high-grade glioma” - described as “one of the most aggressive cancers in adult humans,” with long-term survival rates that are distressingly low - researchers investigated what effect cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol-9 (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) would have in a variety of different doses, combinations and settings.
    A glioma is a tumor centering on the brain or spine, and is notoriously hard to treat. “Statistics show that just over a third (36%) of adult patients in the UK with glioma live for at least a year, while the five-year survival rate is 10%,” writes Wai Liu, one of the study's authors, in a separate piece at The Conversation.
    Prior to the study, it was generally known that cannabinoids have the potential to inhibit tumor cell growth and neutralize their further development. Both THC and CBD “have been shown in a number of laboratory studies” to induce the death of tumor cells “by modifying the faulty signalling pathways inside these cells,” Liu writes. “Depending on the cell type this can disrupt tumour growth or start to kill it.”
    Cannabis Cancer Study Covers New Ground
    But the extent to which the cannabinoids actually accomplished this in the published study seems to have surprised the researchers.
    Simply put, the size of the patients' tumors were “significantly smaller” on the final day of the study than any of the other patients. Those results â€œcould provide a way of breaking through glioma and saving more lives,” Liu writes.
    To ensure that its results were as accurate as possible, this cannabis cancer study analyzed the effects of THC and CBD separately and together, and also in combination with radiotherapy treatments.
    The cannabinoids were also administered both in their pure chemical form and as a “botanical drug substance,” or more natural product. That distinction is important for those who want to pursue THC and CBD's medical benefits using synthetic drugs. The results of this sub-experiment were interesting. As the authors report, THC tended to be more effective as a botanical drug substance, while CBD was more effective in its pure chemical state.
    Topping that, the effectiveness tended to be more pronounced when THC and CBD were used together, as opposed to separately. “The doses of THC we selected were below the psychoactive level, but together with CBD it partnered well to give the best overall anti-cancer effect,” concludes Liu.

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    This news makes my blood boil. My mother died of cancer and to think that this could have saved her...
    If Big Pharma was a person I'd put my hands around their throat and strangle them until they turn blue in the face. And I'm a pretty mellow, non-violent type person. Big suck !!
  3. they give out just enough to keep the condition at bay but not enough to eliminate the condition altogether while not needing to go back to them for life to keep it at bay. they want you back in there tomorrow buying their products that only really cover your problem and not alleviating it.

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