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THC Bomb

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bmoney8806, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.. i am thinking of growing (complete noob would be my first grow)
    I am interested if anyone has smoked THC Bomb and how does it smoke and what are the effects of it?

  2. it's green and gets you high. With your first grow, that's all that matters. btw, wrong forum.
  3. i know there is a grow forum but i figured this was better here because i just want to know if anyone has smoked it.. i guess that fact that i am growing is not relivant
  4. What Part of ohio are you in?

    Im thinking about starting a first grow too.
  5. I am in north east.. like around akron.. it would be an outside grow.. well shit i see u are from cleveland we arent to far from each other.. i have been trying to figure out what shit to grow.. the THC BOMB looked good but i saw on one forum that the guy didnt like the way it smoked and the effects.. thats why i was looking for some imput here to see if anyone has tried it
  6. Yeah not in cleveland exactly just one of the Suburbs. I Have a Shit load of bagseed lol so mine wouldnt be exactly that good. Outdoor grow as well. We should keep each other informed with our progress.
  7. Advice from most growers= for your first grow, use bagseed, its not worth money to get high grade seeds.
  8. damn a THC bomb would save alot of lives everyone would put their guns down in exchange with a hamburger
  9. QFT.

    It would suck to fuck up expensive seeds.
  10. I was going to try and grow a plant of THC bomb... but didn't
  11. #11 bmoney8806, Sep 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 16, 2009
    yes i am looking into getting the outdoor seeds from that marijuana-seeds site.. it is like 10 seeds and has a few good strains for outdoor conditions (for like $20)..(Our Outdoor Mix presents a fine selection of reliable and hardy outdoor strains at a low price. Strains have been selected to provide a range of tastes smells and colours. Outdoor mix is not individually labelled so it will be like a lucky dip.including Hazes, Skunks, Afghan and more.Represents excellent value.)

    I will be growing along side a friend (lives very close) and he has grown before and used bagged seeds in the area we will be using.. He had 2 plants over 6ft tall and it yielded around 1.5lbs so i think it is worth it for me to spend the 30 to double the quality of the grow.

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