THC Bomb

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  1. This is the first time I've grown anything from MSNL and so far I'm very happy.......the plants are perfect.
    I started 5 plants but 2 turned out to be male, even though I purchased fems......MSNL is re-sending the order.

    I'm using a 70/30 coco/perlite mix.....started in 1ltr airpots for the first two weeks, and transplated to 2.5 gallon airpots. I fed once a day for the first two weeks, then twice a day after that......1/2 gallon twice a 3 gallons total per day.

    GH - MaxiBloom (no grow) - 1/4 teaspoon for the first couple weeks......1/2 teaspoon per gallon for the rest of the grow.
    GH - Armor Si - 1ml per gallon from day one.
    GH - Liquid KoolBloom - 1ml per gallon starting on day 24 from sprout.
    GH - Dry KoolBloom - for ripening the final 2 weeks of flower.
    Vegged for 23 days.

    23 days from sprout.
    23 days.JPG
    28 days (4 weeks) of 12/12.
    4 weeks flower.JPG

    Happy Growing.
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  2. Man they look great, those are some giant fan leaves.
    How many weeks are those supposed to go?
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  3. Thanks.
    My guess is 10.....6 more to go.
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  4. Looks good mate. I got some of the thc bomb a while back. Lived upto it’s name!
    Was like the buds were made from nothin but crystal.
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  5. Omg they blew up!! So i need to flower this big one i got about 3 foot of space 20200116_114527_HDR.jpg

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  6. Not depends on the strain. These plants tripled in height within three weeks......usually it's about double. But yeah, with three foot of height, I would flower.

    Good luck.
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  7. Kind of an update.
    I just finished 6 weeks of 12/12 and there are hardly any pistils that have turned orange yet. I hope it will finish at 10 weeks.....but I'm doubtful.

    This strain is very easy to grow.....I would recommend it to beginners.

    6 weeks of 12/12.
    6 weeks flower.JPG
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    Subbed as its my favorite Autoflower strain...those are photo..?
  9. Yes......I don't do autos. :)
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  10. Should you ever change you mind then you are in a fantastic position having known what the parents are

    good luck
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  12. My last grow was THC BOMB from MSNL and was impressed. They did seem to take a couple of extra weeks to finish.
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  13. If anyone is interested, I've come to the end of this years grow.

    MSNL - THC Bomb.
    Coco/Perlite - 70/30.
    Veg time - 23 days.
    Flowering time - 1 plant 10 weeks, 2 plants 11 weeks.
    MaxiBloom for nutes.
    Extremely easy to grow.......recommended for beginners.

    3 plants - 19.43 oz.
    19.5 oz..JPG

    I still have 9 oz. from last years grow......I probably won't have to do a grow for 2 years.
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  14. Good problem to have.
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  15. Looks great!!! I cant wait to see my yield off this deisel. Starting to fstten up im at about week 4 flower

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  16. Did you not SCROG this one because of the three plants?
  17. Nope.......just did a little lst.
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