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    Hey, first of all let me say, it's my first grow. I am water cup germing 4 seeds atm. 2 have germed and 2 are sunk and about to. I'm not sure what nute i'm using, I was thinking Fox Farm Big Grow or something, I don't remmeber the name. It's a GG btw. I dont have a camera atm, getting one in a few days, and any tips or comments are welcome.
  2. good luck man
  3. Well I got confused. Long story short I'm growing 1 THC Bomb and 3 Mazar x Afghan. I ordered from and I thought the 5 free were also THC Bomb lol. Oh well, can anybody tell me if the other 3 are any good?
  4. i also just purchased seeds from that site. were you satisfied with the shipment? how long did they take to get there?
  5. I ordered into US, expected 7-25 days they said, it got here in 5. Discreet shipping. I've heard ppl have problems with them though, so I was hesitant but it worked really well for me. Also I have a partner who germed 2/2 so far and I have 4/4 germ. As far as females go, we'll have to see. Hope that helped if you have any more questions just ask.
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    if you ordered from than you may expect high female ratios,

    i finished a thc-bomb grow my last run and was 4/4 females, out of 4 germ`d seeds.

    good luck man.

    every pheno differed so much, two were dwarf plants, i would clone your biggest and best female`s for sure! its a good strain and should grow easy for you.
  7. wow sounds nice, im going to have to look this strain up, sounds nice for my next grow.
  8. yeah im in the u.s. too and i guess my biggest fear was just my seeds getting seized at customs. nice to know that the both of you have had nice fem ratios.
  9. Thanks for info on fem ratios. My next grow will be probably White Widow, Bubblegum, and THC Bomb. Any other really dank strains you'd recommend, money isn't a factor, high yield is.
  10. Sorry for quality, my phone camera dosen't do well this close up, getting a new one in a few days though. Here's the THC Bomb and the Mazars germinating.
  11. i would love to see how this turns out cause im also looking at seeds at and i stumble across thc bomb the yeild sounds promising i was deciding i weather to pick this from big bud so ill be trackin this grow and will be excited how it turns out. good luck dude.

  12. if the choice is Big Bud or Thc-Bomb, go thc bomb man, with Big Bud and Pure Power Plant as Parents, you cant go wrong
  13. Depending on the size of the root tomorrow I may try to plant. I may not have time with some other things going on but we'll see, I'd like to get them in before work Thursday b/c i'll be working all weekend.
  14. Woah, woke uo this morning and big change in seeds. I'm planting tommorow for sure.
  15. [​IMG]

    Planted today, forgot t5o take a pic of fourth one. Was very tough forgot water so i dug wet mud out of a nearby stream bank, then dug a hole, filled it with water soil and planted. Nobody saw me I don't think so so far so good. Plus tons of thorn bushes EVERYWHERE you walk.
  16. right on bro the first step is complete!
  17. Rained nice last night. Bad news though. As I was planting the lest seed, I ended up having to weed out an area. I woke up red. Turns out I sat, wiped my face and weeded in a fu**ing poison ivy patch. gg me.

  18. haha sorry dude, when i was doing my first outdoor this year i climbed a tree to scout an area, turns out the tree was covered n posion ivy, i was itchy for weeks nd had to get some shots.
  19. Oh and now i'm being hit with like a hurricane. Ugh, I swear if I got covered in poison ivy just to have my crops drown out in 1 day, i'm going to be pretty pissed.
  20. Ok so a nice sunny perfect day today. Not sure when but in a few days ill have to go back and check on em. This time i only have to look to hopefully no poison.

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