THC Bomb 400w SCROG mh/hps DWC stealth grow

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  1. Welcome to my thc bomb diary, this is my second proper grow, my fist was a very similar setup with ok results for a first grow. I am bit late starting this as I really debated wether to actually create a journal or not but sod it lol.

    My setup is approx 3"x1.5"x6" and is hidden away in a very stealthy location, I'm running a DIY DWC with 3 plants in total grown from seed, I have already done my veg with 400w mh, had to let them go for nearly 7 weeks due to massive heat stress early on, all been rectified now (had to get imaginative with my light exhaust lol) and the girls have fully recovered and are looking great, but 2 of them are a lot smaller than the third, doesn't make much difference under the scrog tho. I lolly popped them under the scrog for air flow and Now have them under a 400w hps to finish.

    Lights on temps are now steady at around 28c and lights off around 16c, have a cool tube venting out of the area, an active intake, and 3 fans running when lights are on. I'm using canna aqua nutes, and have big bud and overdrive to help them along. My ec is between 1.4 - 1.7 and I keep my ph down around 5.4 - 6.2.

    My first grow was pineapple something or other and I over fed those poor girls to bejesus lol, only got an oz a plant, am hoping for a bit more this time but is a small space so will have to wait and see what I can squeeze out of it. As I say it took a good wile to nurse the smaller 2 ladies back to good health but as the stress was in early veg I didn't mind, shouldn't really affect my crop too bad.

    I will update this with pics once a week as I'm stuck on the ipad at the mo and it's clumsy to say the least, I am definitely eager to hear what you all think, thanks for looking hope to hear from u all soon.

    It's quite tight in with them so couldn't get a wider pic, but this is the basic setup.

    Bit of green porn for yas

    Glimpse under the scrog at the girls legs lol there is one more lady to the right aswel

    Cool tube with 400w hps and my rhino filter

    Res, ballast and timer.

    Thanks for lookin let me no what u think.
  2. Looks good. I'm thinking of a second grow similar to this. I'd like to try the scrog and hydro but not sure if doing both for the first time would too much :/ Question for your scrog, Are you still working your tops under the wire or are u letting them be as is and into flowering? Hope made sense. Thanks.

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  3. Hope *THAT* made sense....geez

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    I grew THC Bomb for my first grow. Great stuff, especially given enough time to flower. They are hearty and once they get between 14 - 21 days old, they really begin to take off given the right conditions.
    I'd go at least 70 days for flowering.
    Your setup looks great. Nice and clean.
  5. Hi cf thanks for looking mate, as of a few days ago I am just leaving the tops to stretch up and allow for bud space, I didn't top these plants at all jus went for all lst as a bit of an experiment just for myself, as for scrog as a method, nothing could be easier mate, I think it actually makes the whole growing process easier, being able to manage the canopy is a very nice thing, It looks a lot harder than it actually is. As for hydro, yes it can be abit of a handful without an ec and ph meter but once you have them it's quite simple too, I would go for both if I were you, that is how I learnt but it helps if you have a background with marine fish tanks, same basic principles.

    Hi meds thanks for the reply, always nice to hear good things, really can't wait to see how these girls get on, I have seen some awesome pics online of colas as big as ur arm lol not expecting quite that myself but u never no hehe.70 days is a long old time, I'll have to find some other way to sedate my misses in between haha.
  6. Just a quick update, the girls are really soaking up those nutes now, growing about an inch a day lol i am amazed every time I open them up in the morning. Temps are sitting steady at 27.5, humidity is starting to rise at around 45% now but nothing to worry about! got a few pre flowers showing so will swap the feed to canna Aqua Flores in the am! I am really very pleased with how this lot is coming along! no dramas now lol, cheers for looking.
  7. What type of fans are you running for exhaust? And how's the noise level?

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  8. Hi j, I just use a couple of cheap inline extractors from eBay, cost about a tenner each, not ideal for bigger grows but for me they are fine, do make abit of noise tho, after this grow I will be swapping a few things around tho to try and solve that issue.
  9. Looking good so far. I plan to run THC bomb this year outside. I currently run 9 killer statins indoor, ie.. Flowerbomb Kush, LSD, Girl Scout cookies, liberty haze, holy grail kush, Herijuana jack 33, hippie killer and a few others. Check out Kronicly Insanes grows in the indoor grow section.
  10. Hey kronicly, I was lookin at your thread earlier today, lookin good mate. Yea I would love to see what one of these produce if left to go nuts outside, I'm in the uk tho so not really ideal for me, might still have to fire a few out this year tho n see how I get on, thanks for lookin fella.
  11. Another quick update- girls coming along nicely, stretching hard and the canopy got a little uneven so did one final round of lst and tied the whole canopy down half there leangth again, looking pretty crazy in ther ATM but with start correct over the next couple of days. More photos cumin soon, I will get pics during and after the last lst for comparison, really loving this grow right now, all is just running perfectly. It's so tru that you need a couple of grows under your belt before you find your feet, my very first grow ended in disaster with zero harvest, my second ended in 3 oz from 3 plants, fingers xd this time I can hit the 6 oz or more, that would be great. Thanks for looking.
  12. A few pics as promised, all were taken a couple of hours after light out so leaves aren't at full stretch but everything is healthy and loving it right now.

    These first three are a couple of days ago, they were stretching hard lmao.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    These next couple where taken after the last round of lst, looks a real mess haha but will be beautiful again in a day or so, this pic was taken aprox 3 hours after the lst and they are already correcting towards the light.

    image.jpg image.jpg

    This was all done as the main cola of the Middle Plant had not been stretching as much as the rest of the girls so was stuck under the canopy, she is now out and free to swell uncontrollably haha.

    Thanks for lookin.
  13. hi there i am also growing THC bomb 10 reguluer seeds. my set up is 250 watt HPS light my tent is 120x120x200cm. i also have 2 extrators for intake and outtake. my plant are 19days but one of the palnts is looking a bit bad. anyone know if this is a a early veg problem. i have no mites or flyer as i check that. ill also get picture up later tonight of the others

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  14. also my first grow :D
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    Hey weedman, she's defo looking abit off, I am no soil grower but it might be worth a flush, and a would be more partial to think its some infestation or mould due to the small holes starting in the middle of the leaves, I'm sure someone on here would no better than me tho. Good luck mate.
  16. here are my plants 19 day into veg

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  17. Very nice mate those babies are looking vibrant, are you guna transplant them into something abit bigger later on? I would say that will need it in the next week or so. U gota keep me updated with pics, it will be good to see a side by side THC bomb grow off hehe.
  18. yea ill be moving them into 15litre pots.yea  ill put up weekly pictures so we can compare :D
  19. good work- running thc bomb right now and love this strain so far.
  20. Definitely mate I can't wait to see the outcome of our unofficial THC Bomb hydro v soil grow off haha. I read on here somewhere if you take ur pics through sunglasses it removes the lines from the pics for ya.

    UPDATE - ladies nearly fully corrected already, just had to tidy up some lose ends. Held off until today to swap to flower nutes, emptied the res and did a full water change, put a splash of veg nutes in there too just while they're still in transition.

    Ph 5.8 - EC 1.68 - Temp 27.6 - Humidity - 46%

    will add some big bud next week to juice the babies up, the main cola I was uncovering with the last round of lst is loving all the new light and is reaching hard for the light, very nice to see lol. More pics soon, might dig out my good cam soon I think.

    Once again thanks for lookin.

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