Thc And Anxiety.

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  1. Does anyone self medicate because they worry a lot and have difficulties enjoying the moment?

  2. You smoke less then you worry less. Well, I have a low tolerance so a few big hits put me in the zone.
  3. I used to self-medicate social anxiety.  I was out of touch with reality and thc brought me into reality.  Living in a fantasy world..was a symptom of my schizophrenia.  Weed made more conscious of reality.  Other drugs too.  But that type of I never really had a problem with that.
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    the first 5 years i smoked was great but it started to give me pretty bad anxiety in the latter years.the wierd thing is that low-grade buds seemed to feel better than high grade, which induced racing heart effects. also smoking alone made it worse. when i was with a bunch of people i would be fine.
    but now it's like i havent smoked in so long that i dont see the reason in starting again. i miss it sometimes but not too much. usually on boring days im like "ah i could smoke a joint right now" then i just drink beer and forget about it.
    i think it may have helped my social anxiety somehow cuz before i started smoking i was really shy especially around girls, then i smoked for 7 years, and its been a year since i quit. My social anxiety is pretty much gone. I still don't talk to people much, but when I do, I don't get embarrassed too easily. Maybe those 7 years did help? Idk. I'll always remember the good times with bud.
  5. When you are high does anyone not really care and find humour in everything? For example a person with social anxiety would start smiling at anything that he/she would consider emberassing and it just makes the emberassment replaced with humour 
  6. I used to, but now I'm job hunting and have to worry about drug testing, so I don't so much.
    I suppose I don't care so much when I'm high; when I was in college I would get high to study and write research papers because it helped me focus on the dry material. I do wind up caring about movies and songs and things though. I get much more critical of that sort of thing while high. It kind of ruined a bunch of movies I used to like because it made me realize that they just aren't very good.
  7. I can relate, Weed just put me in the "I don't give a fuck" zone like basically no worries about little situations and I start laughing so hard that I can't breathe lol
  8. meditation, yo. not only is learning how to breathing correctly the most effective at creating and sustaining peace within but it also purged me of my anxieties.
  9. CBDs. Smoke them
  10. This is what it does for me...its better to look like a happy fool than a nervous one!

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  11. Werd OP needs that Indica in him. He ain't ready for the THC. 
  12. I have severe anxiety and weed is the only thing that truly effects me in a positive way. Before i toke i'll be quiet and angry but the second i'm baked i'm laughing and telling stories. I want to go to a medical state as i'd qualify under my mental illness.

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