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THC absorption

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Troubadour, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. i know a vape or bong is best absorption, but how does a pipe compare to everything? and what type of pipe is best? onehitter included
  2. Are you asking what smoking method will get you the highest?
  3. it was on manswers. i think all dry methods (joint, pipe, onehitter) are about 30% efficient, bongs are about 70% efficient, and vaporizers are something like 95% efficient.
  4. ya fo sho you should use those vapes or those bongs or those pipes and compile the smoke and sharply intake then hold it like a baaowwss then exhale. You"re high now..:smoking:

    but vapes are efficient. im sory bong hits are huge.:devious:

    holp that helped

  5. so bongs get 70%, does this include waterfall bongs and grav bongs?
    and i hear steam rollers are the shit.... or are they the same as pipes and joints?
  6. Steam rollers are the same, it is just a really big hit with a steam roller.
  7. Bongs filter out THC, because it's dissolved into the water. Vaporization is the best, because your not destroying CBN's, like you do when burning weed with a lighter.

  8. vaporization is by far the most efficient, then unfiltered joints, then unfiltered pipes, water pipes are some of the most inefficient ways of smoking, the water filters out some of the thc. NORML recently did a test of various smoking methods, try googling that and you can find the specifics on how efficient each method is.
  9. I'd say use a vape, if no vape use a bong, if no bong use a waterfall/gravitybong. That is my method of determining how I get high usually.
  10. THC isn't water soluble, get your facts straight.
  11. now if you had alcohol in the bong then the thc % would lessen

    but water only filters out carcinogens
    making it better for your lungs
    but vaps are by far the healthyest and get you the highest
  12. wrong...vape's DO destroy CBN's.
  13. not tryna burst ur bubble, but thats wrong too, water only filters out water soluble chemicals, and escpecially not tar,thus not making it better for ur lungs also you take deeper breaths with bong rips resulting in tar being trapped deeper in ur lungs. dont get me wrong i have a bong too and love rippin it, but it isnt as good for u lungs as u think, but fuck were all gonna die anyway hahaha just blaze it :smoking:
  14. That's right, like certain types of pesticides which are water-soluble, because all fat-soluble pesticides are banned now.
  15. AHHH ITS BEEN POPPED!!!!!:eek:

    ya bongs are still the shit!!:bongin:

  16. Bongs dont filter out THC because THC is not water soluble. :bongin:

    I dont really think that one smoking tool is more efficient than any other. You just have to develop the skills to use a specific smoking tool the most effectively. If you are gonna smoke bowls you need to know how to corner them. If you smoke jays or blunts you need to know how to roll it right. If you smoke gbs or bongs you need to understands the physics of how it works. Thats my two cents. :smoking:
  17. they did studies, look it up. Vapes are way more efficient than joints, which are slightly more efficient than a bowl, which is more efficient than bongs, etc.

  18. so you're saying bongs get you the least high with the same amount of weed? sorry don't think so

  19. yea i thin its the other way around vaps ,bongs,pipes ,jointsnblunts
  20. lol. manswers is bull shit. they just went around asking dumb college students what they thought, then did the averages. doubt they did any actual studies on it.

    a bowl from my dry piece gets me stoned, blunts get me more stoned = more weed, bongs get me more high with less weed and less of a stony effect, and vaps usually just get me high with very little effects from cbds, which is why i don't own one.

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