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  1. Hello grasscity members, I would like to share something that I recently saw that blew my mind. But before I start, if you love animals so much that you would suck big bob's dick (I hope most of you know what im talking about....and if not then you have no life) then you should prolly stop reading right

    It all started when I was smoking a spliff out on my balcony connected to my room. A damn nice one I must add. I was about halfway through the spliff when I saw 1 of my cats walking across my backyard. I thought nothing of it, my cats always go in the backyard and chill. Or so I thought. My cat was holding something in his mouth but I couldn't make out what it was exactly.

    After about 5 minutes of my cat doing mindless circles around some tree he put what he had in his mouth down. My cat slowly backed away keeping a constant gaze on whatever he had just dropped. Suddenly the object that was just in my cats mouth tried to make its escape. An injuried squirrel dashed into the middle of my backyard to try and get away. But that was exactly what the cat was waiting for. He pounced on the frightend squirrel and took him to the ground.

    At this time I knew what was happening and I tried my best to look away while i was finishing the spliff. But every now and then I would peek over to see if the cat had picked it up and taken it elsewhere. Unfortunately he was still there "playing" with the injuryed squirrel. Finally, after he had his fun he picked the poor squirrel and walked into the woods.

    I was completely shocked at what had just occured in front of me. As I tried to take it all in i began hearing a high pitched noise. It sounded like squeaks but i could not pinpoint where it was coming from. I looked all around as the squeaks got louder and more frequent. Finally I heared something move in the trees and looked up. I saw a loney squirrel crying out into my backyard. I did not need a rocket scientist to explain what was happening. I quickly finished my spliff and went back inside.

    This was probably one of the sadest moments of my life. I had just witnessed murder. And as you know I was stoned:smoke: so I began thinking about what happend. Which then led me to think about how our species all used to hunt and be killed that. I came to one conclusion that put my mind to rest. Its just how nature works.

    Sry if this is a buzzkill to anyone, just had to share it really blew my mind.
  2. well why the fuck didn't you do anything
  3. you watched a squirrel get tortured and killed by YOUR cat? fail.
  4. Ive had some similar experiences to and think the same thing
  5. Quit being soft, guys. This shit happens in nature on the daily. It's the cat's natural instincts. I don't see threads of people crying when a male lion eats it's own damn babies.
  6. ^ if it happens in nature its fair game, and I don't care, but if i'm there and can do something to help why not?
  7. My dog tore up a rabbit he caught 6 years ago. All I found were the ears, a back leg, and
    about a handful of fur. The leg was actually over 10 feet from where the other parts were.
    Awful. I used to have pictures of the mess. He's also caught a mouse in my kitchen once.
    And a month ago, I was brushing his fur and then he bit the air really quickly, then spit out a
    fly. That was very impressive. Age hasn't slowed him down at all.
  8. animals can do what they want aslong as its not a pitbull mauling babys i dont give a toss. only time you should break up cats is when they fight each other cos they can do some major damage and its just best to put a stop to it.
  9. You forget though, that isn't the cat's natural habitat. Stray cats and cats that are allowed outside devastate the NATURAL species that belong here. They have no defense against a small cat. Because it's not a species they have in their natural environment. People who don't understand the environmental impact of introduced species should not own cats.

    Thank God for raccoons. They kill and eat cats.
  10. But then again, a lot of the predators of squirrels have been decimated by urban expansion, so you could take that argument and say that cats are actually doing a service for the environment through population control. And saying a squirrel has no defense/protection against a cat is a pretty big load of BS, IMO. If they can defend/protect themselves from hawks, owls, opossums, raccoons, coyotes, badgers, weasels, bobcats, foxes, snakes, domesticated dogs, humans, etc. then they can defend themselves against domestic housecats. Fuck, they've lasted this long during our over one hundred year decimation of the planet, so I'm not too worried about them. It's squirrels, dude. Calm down.

    So it doesn't seem like such a big deal to me. What the OP saw is routine cat behavior. It can be sad, but it's normal for a cat. I think it is how nature and death is not only a natural part of the cycle, it's essential to it.
  11. +1 to routine cat behavior. Last Easter, my cat brought a rabbit into my room at 4AM and it was making a TON of noise. I've also had bats, snakes, mice, birds (2 owls and countless crows and bluejays), thousands of lizards, and even one time someone's pet iguana got out and the cat brought it home, luckily I was able to save that one.
  12. We had pet rabbits when I was a kid. At one point they had babies and our cat would always be trying to kill them. One day I got back from school and there was a dead baby rabbit by the bathroom with its head decapitated. Fucked up to say the least.
  13. Yes and squirrels provide food for the natural predators from a natural environment. Plus for every squirrel killed by cats there are most likely 5-10 times that amount in birds. Most of the predators you mention can't climb trees or get to the nooks an crannies that squirrels can hide in. (notice I said most) Cats on the other hand are quite capable of both. Like I said earlier, if people cannot understand the environmental impact of introduced species then they shouldn't own them.
  14. Just liked all the "ripped off" threads, karma should play a role in this. Try to keep your cat inside because a coyote will eat him soon.
  15. Guys, let's protest nature. The cat should be in prison.
  16. [​IMG]

    gratuitous kitty pic b/c cats win...if you dont want anymore 'murders' to happen, a nice little bell around kitty's neck may work....but also, your cat will hate
  17. I think what we should really be looking at is why you seem so disterbed?
    (Like a genuine discussion, that wasn't a back handed insult or anything)
  18. That's how cats are. They hunt and then they play with the prey before killing it. I have 2 cats and they both leave dead small mammals in the driveway all the time. I once saw my cat jump up and catch a bird right as it tried to fly out of a bush. He's got cat like reflexes.
  19. Dude its your cat, it did its work. :hello:
  20. Yup, my cats do the same thing. Well, kind of. One cat will kill something (usually a mouse or starling) and leave it in front of the door, but the other one's a barn cat, so she usually eats whatever she kills. One time, I found out my cat killed something when I walked out to my garage and a mouse tail was sticking out of her mouth. Funniest shit ever. :D If they kill something and we find out about it, they always get a treat, b/c they are doing their job.

    I found out, though, and I think this is really friggin' cool, that if a cat brings you its prey, it thinks that you're its kitten so it's trying to take care of you. That's amusing to me. :smoke:

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