Thats gotta hurt!!!!!

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  1. On a senior citizen bus tour, the driver was surprised. While the
    >passengers were unloading, to do some sightseeing, one elderly lady
    >stopped and whispered in his ear, "Driver, I believe that I was
    >sexually harassed!"
    >The driver didn't think much of this complaint, but promised he would
    >check into it soon.
    >Later, that very same day, as the passengers were unloading again, a
    >second little old lady bent down and whispered in his ear, "Sir, I
    >believe I was sexually harassed!"
    >This time, he knew it had to be taken care of soon. A few passengers
    >had remained on the bus, and he decided to go back and question them,
    >to see if they had any knowledge of what was going on.
    >He found one little old man crawling along the bus floor underneath
    >the seats and stooped down to question him. "Excuse me, sir, could I
    >help you?"
    >The elderly man looked up and said, "Well, sonny, you sure can.
    >I've lost my toupee and I'm trying to find it. I thought I'd located
    >it twice, but they were parted in the middle, and mine's parted on
    >the side!"
  2. Good thing he didn't suffer from male pattern baldness!! LOL!!

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