thats a lot of 'cid

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. look at this................

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  2. just think of how many doses that is in one container..... then imagine your night after takin a shot! lol
    ive never tried acid but thats crazy
  3. If you took a shot you would become a vegetable and end up living your days in some hospital trippin balls.
  4. i would love to bath in that!

  5. i could... quite simply... you'd die.
  6. man you would be a rich man if you had all that

  7. that's the dingus for you :D
  8. I heard of a man on the news that tried to smuggle a sheet of acid by placing the sheet on his back, guess what happened?

    He died.

  9. yea i wish it was i just found it surfing the net some day..
  10. a kid at a school near me was running from the cops in the rain with a sheet of acid under his shirt. he didn't die but he is completely fried, don't really know what happened to him.
  11. how do you know that's acid?
  12. it doesn't matter if thats acid does it?

    Each one of those caraffes is like 350 vials
    each vial is 120 hits you do the math
    or i will...

    thats enough for conservatively 42000 hits of lsd.

    if you do lsd you might look like this.
  13. iam just gunna guess and say thats u, tippin ur balls off, isint it?
  14. acid cant kill you.
  15. man, this aint acidcity.
    you're freakin me out with pics of that shyte.

  16. very true...but i can take soo much that u fuck up ur brain so much u perm
  17. acid can kill you, but its very difficult to OD on it. There has been one reported death of OD on acid and that was because some guy took 320,000 ug of it. He mistook it for speed.

  18. eh, i dont believe in perma trips.. yet it always seems someone knows someone that knows someone that knows someone who has one.

  19. what is acid anyways? i tend to stay on the marijuana side of the spectrum - im only just looking into shroomies

  20. yeh i have heard that acid/lsd is one of the safest drugs that can be taken in the sence that you cant really OD on it, the downside would be that your brain would be completly fucked, you would be a fucked up piece of crap for the rest of your life if you drank one of those containers of acid!!!!
    anyone who is going to take acid, my words of wisdom are:
    ^TREAT it with nothing but RESPECT or you loose^

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