ThatModGuy's first ever grow. *Need help*

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ThatModGuy, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, well i've been a member of the forum for quite a while and so far i've been on everday researching and researching.. finally i've bit the bullet and ordered myself a basis to start from. I'm pretty much handless when it comes to Diy.. so i couldn't really 'build' myself a growing setup.

    I've purchased this:




    I'm not too sure on the whole led approach and it is originally for a hydroponic setup but it certainly looks okay.

    I plan on growing auto-flowering femenized seeds; although i'm not too sure what to start with or where to get them from safely. This would be a big help. I wanted to grow White Russian to start with so anyone experienced with that, it would be a BIG help.

    I'm considering going with the soil approach as i can't find any extensive hydro guides. Also i'm wondering what kind of lights i should use. SHould i change to Cfls?

    Here is the description of the unit i got from the seller:
    "Supplied with the unit is one 225 led super efficiant light panel,ideal for clones,vegging, mother plants etc. Also comes with 24 insert propergator and tub of organic rooting powder and peat pellets plus a mechanical 15min segment timer and 2m of ducting !"

    If you's can let me know what i need to change before i start that would definitely be appreciated.

    Thanks guys,

    TMG - peace
  2. how many watts is the LED panel?
  3. that is NOT enough light for flower,

    maybe enough for veg.
  4. Cool thanks guys, uhm I'm not 100% sure but I'll get back to you asap.



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