That will teach him not to steal...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by rollinfatty, May 4, 2006.

  1. This story may be hard to understand, but you will get the point.

    So there was this kid (A) who hangs out with one of his friends (B)
    A is a nasty guy...always doing shady shit around town. He asks B how to get free weed and B decides to steal bud from one of his BEST FRIENDS. (A and B arent even good friends by the way)

    So they call the kid up and ask to buy a quarter. B goes into the kids car, grabs the quarter and runs his ass off to A's car without paying.

    Now the kid who was stolen from is sort of a pussy , so A and B didnt think he would do shit. They were wrong!

    The kid calls up a few of his friends and they decide to meet A, B, and another one of A&B's friends.

    So they meet and there is a huge fight ...3 vs 3.

    The kids who stole the weed got their asses kid was knocked out, one was just bloody and bruised, and A (the mastermind of the steal) had to go to the hospital with broken nose and jaw.

    Im glad they got what they deserved...i cant believe B backstabbed one of his best friends just because A was there. Next time they wiill think about the consequences before trying anything liek that again.
  2. thats fucked up..........they got what they never ever steal some fuckin weed........dumb ass mother fuckers........i would of beat the shit out of them, put them in the hosptial then sneak in and beat them some more............:mad:
  3. i hate people who fucking think they can steal anyone's weed.

    no one has ever tried to steal my bud (with the exception of 3 of my girlfriend's brother's friends) but i scared the fuck out of those little kids, and made them pay me street price for it.

    my friend got robbed at gun point for a half ounce!

    if someone pulled a gun on me for a half ounce i would grab the back of his head and fucking CRACK my forhead off of his face! fuck that kid for thinking he could just treat me like a bitch and steal my fucking weed.

    sorry for the rant. kids got what they deserved.

    fuck them
  4. damn that's fucked up, hopefully they learned a lesson!
  5. Bitches got what they deserved
  6. stealin anything is shady as fuck imo, especially a fellow smokers weed. id say they got what they deserved

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