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That time again!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, thinking about that time of year we really love...we had 35cm that's close to 14in...been awhile since seeing that much snow here. Yes it was gone in 3 days...a bit mushy those 3 days but hey it's gone and we're back to our warm winter again and yes RAIN.

    So guess how many days till't want to..ok here

    Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend!!!!!!
  2. No snow here yet.. RMJL got a little the other day but it just missed us..

    we keep getting rain and cold weather though!

    Hope every one has a great weekend as well!!!!!!!
  3. Have you been spying on me, Bud Head? LOL!

    Yeah, we got a little bit of snow. Enough for a short snowman and a few good snowball fights. I swear, I have kick ass aim, now. I nailed everybody and dodged most of the ones coming at me. YAY! I really dig snow! :D

    It is cold but hell, it's winter, what do we expect?
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  4. It's even cold down here in Georgia! And it snowed for about 10 minutes yesterday!
  5. Yep,its cooled down here for a few days too :D. lts gone from 105 in the shade all the way to 85 degs ,lol. lts gonna heat up again in a few days .

  6. o_O

    We were down to about -3 the other night, -12 with the windchill.
  7. I can't wait till spring is here.. I already have my fishing equipment ready!!!!!!!!

    I caught 4 bass out of my lake two days ago!!
  8. i totally despise winter after the first snow now... lol

    we've gotten too much snow and too cold a weather this year, but it comes it goes and ya deal with it....

    i just can't wait till spring/summer....the sun, the surf ...everything....

    drinking beers and the fishing.. oh i can't wait...
  9. yesterday it was sunny and about 70 degress F :) it's 10:50 in the morning here and it's 63 degress F. i love living in southern california :)
  10. Man that sucks. Over here in about a 3 hour span we got over 5 inches of snow. Looks like Im going snomobiling.:)
  11. We had a lot of snow, it's all melted recently. Today has to be the best weather I've seen since summer. I only wish I had money for shrooms.
  12. Damn is that all the time? Well time to start finding that place to grow this year, and I know just the place:p :smoke: :D :smoking:
  13. we got less than an inch in my part of knoxville. but business sure was slow at work that night. It was mostly gone the next morning, too.
  14. We got over a foot this weekend, but it's starting to finally melt... Yesterday when I woke up it was about 5 below with a 15 below windchill.... It's warmer today... Finally made it above freezing... Compared to how it's been, today feels like spring :)

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