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  1. So maybe it's just me, though I seriously doubt it, but anyone else keep someone in their phonebook as an absolute last resort to pick up from? Like someone you seriously cringe at the thought of having to meet up with?

    I have this dude back at school who is easily the sketchiest guy I know. Once I was at his crib trying to grab an eighth and he was straight smoking crack w/ his homies and tried to send it my way. Ha, "no thanks bro, I'm straight on that." To this he replies, "yeaaa, sometimes I do hard drugs" haha. It's all good though. Another time I saw him toss a damn coffee table at this poor kid like it was nothin. I mean, what the hell??? I seriously never know whats gonna go down with this fool. Yet somehow when no one else can pull through, he always hooks it up. Haha, I also end up having to stake the dudes house out 11th grade style half the time I try and pick up cause he's never where he says he is. Like sitting outside his house in the middle of some suburban neighborhood, lights on/car running at midnight, just wondering if he's ever gonna show up at his own place ha.

    Anyone have any good stories?
  2. Had some fat ugly bitch, that I use to buy adderall off of, for school. She ended up liking me so she always called, I didn't want that I just wanted to be business only, so I took her off my phone. That was the only one person.
  3. Had this hook up dude that gave me some guy's number telling me before that he sold some pretty good bud. He was cool with me and stuff and we were getting along well until one day he introduced me to some ''Mad weed", so I go ahead and by it since he told me he was in a hurry to sell it. Bought about q' of an once and went over to my friends with his cousins to go smoke that shit and brought alone the vaporizer. We crashed at his house with two of his cousins who had a crap load of weed on them and decided to try my shit to see if it was good. According to me nothing happened. I got like a cheap ass beer buzzed or something, no high whatsoever. It was a good night, smoked with another dude who happened to smooch off my shit but I didn't care so I let them all have it. A day later called him up in the evening and told him his shit was not very good, like saying ''man that shit was shit haha" all playing around and took it very seriously like I was dissing his family, and immediately interrupted me and said some random bullshit about not calling back lol and hung up. Overall he was kind of a whigger but I didn't care though. You ask for a certain hook up he'll say that he's going to check it out and call back but doesn't. His weed reminded me of beer though, sry to say.
  4. Haha, "Mad Weed." Niiice. It's always funny how people take it so personally when you tell em their stuff is no good, when in reality they probably went through three or four other people to get it... and were prob too pussy themselves to regulate on whoever passed them the shit buds anyway.
  5. yea..i got this one guy in my cell labled as ???...he called me one night saying he had heroin and i was like nah i dont do that...kindov a sketch. but one time i really wanted some bud so i called him and ii go to his house...he gives me some mids then pops some e and codein (?weird?)..i got out and just went home
    bud was good though.:smoke: sweet...this is my 100th post
  6. Yup, I got one of those. He's got herb and a variety of other drugs. He's a schiesty mother fucker. Had to go through him once, I asked if it was good shit, and he gets all pissed off tellin' me "It's fucking green, okay? Why does everyone ask me that? It's fucking weed and it'll get you high so stop fuckin buggin'". Sorry man, but not all weed is created equal... It ended up being pretty wet and crappy. Not worth what I paid for it.

    I've known the kid for years, and I know deep, deeeeep down inside he's a good guy, but he has to constantly play it up like he's all hard and shit. Gimme a break.
  7. Yea, I know a guy from a guy that used to come into the pizza place I used to work at.

    He's always like, really tweaked out it seems. He's always all jittery and paranoid. While his weed isn't the best, it always weighs out.

  8. hahahahahahahaa

    i'm yet to meet one of these sketchy dudes, all my dealers have their shit straight and are usually chill.
  9. Used to.... Where I live now tho, there really isnt anyone like that. So far I only buy from friends anyway, havent moved up that far yet.
  10. if one of my usual guys cant come thru i will wait a day or 2 till they reup or some shit but...

    im sure most of us have 1-2 #s u got for last resort situations
  11. aren't those always the famous last words before shitty weed? haha same thing happened to me. i was like hey man is it dank? and he was like DUDE ITS GOOD ALRIGHT BELEIVE ME WOULD I LIE TO YOU?! like sketching out.

    i actually had a last resort i was always friends with him like hes not sketchy or anything but his prices always seemed unreal to me like he would sell me a half O of some dankity mcdank for likr 75 bucks. one day i was like fine bought from him...lets just say hes now my first contact.

  12. yeah, fuckin tell me about it dude. It's still a mystery to whoever grows the shit everyone here smokes. Not to be dick, but sometimes I would buy a dime of mids and split them to 4 parts and sell them for 5 bucks equaly and sell them to some of mu buds (who are new to weed). Get more money off it to buy at least some decent headies. Searching for good strains though, I believe, is equivalent to finding fresh water in the damn desert.

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