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That new anti-bud ad

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr_Criminal, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. Anyone seen it? Starts out with a 12-14 year old (I think) saying like.. "my brother.. he started smoking pot when he was my age. he didn't go to jail, or commit crimes or do harder drugs.." then he walks downstairs to the basement where his bro apparently lives in his parents' house. He looks 25-29 years old and is smoking a joint, looking very sloppy and burnt out. his brother continues, "he didn't really do much of anything."

    They could have just as easily cut to someone working at a job making $30 an hour, rather than that slob. Or someone in college working to better theirself. Or lots of other positive things. My first job was upwards of $30 per hour.. I dropped out after sophmore year.. been smokin bud since I was 15. Then at 17 I got this bad ass job.
    But man. That would never happen. That might be pro-pot. No tv station would ever air that.
    Really though, for his parents to be letting him smoke bud in their basement with that kid around, some of the blame should be put on them and not only on bud. Whenever I have a kid, they're not going to be living in my house after 20-21. But yeaaah.

    I'm just mad cause all the ads show irresponsible abuse of cannabis. Responsible use situations by far outweigh the irresponsible. And NONE of it is shown.
    I met a 13 year old kid the other day that thought weed was worse than cigarettes. Probably cause of the ads..
  2. "teach an archery class to toddlers"
    Don't knock it til you try it! (teehee)
  3. Society needs to realize that pot does not equal failure, and education does not equal success. Success does not equal happiness. Is life worth living if there is no happiness?

    I'm prepared to do just enough to be comfortable in life. Pay my bills, afford a few luxuries, and buy pot once in a while. As long as I'm comfortable and happy, I don't need what society deems as success.


    You have natural tendencies, you would be that way WITH OR WITHOUT weed!!!

    norml needs to put out a commerical, for FKING sure!
  5. I have seen the ad your talking about. Why don't they show an epileptic having a seizure and the effects pot has on this? Why don't they show the 85 year old glaucoma patient toking up.?Why don't they show an AIDS patient eating after taking a handful of pills?I'll tell you why, It's the so called war on drugs. These ads clearly misrepresent what pot can do to change a persons life for the good. That would be like shooting yourself in the foot for these biased admakers and accordingly so the policymakers! I say legalize pot worldwide. After all it is still only a plant were talking about. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. FUCKING RIGHT ON! you tell em pothead pete!

    they should brought a camera to me, unable to eat, sleep or even move from the pain i was in.. struggling to roll a joint... two puffs later my face stops wincing from teh pain, another two puffs and i'm functioning like any "normal" human... and a couple minutes later... i actually manage to eat a full adult size meal.

    but their not interested in that.

    cannabis is dangerous dont you know.

  7. Why doesn't NORML put out a commercial? I mean.. its members pay dues, don't they? They should have the money for it, I would think. Even just a single 30 second to 1 minute commercial of all these positive situations and uses of bud would help a lot.
  8. But what if they promoted it as the medicine that it is? People that get bud from those medical clinics.. like ah, aids victims and chemotherapy sufferers, they use it legally, don't they?
  9. I would be nice to see a commercial like that, but some tv stations might just see it as a commercial promoting illegal an ad telling you to go steal something
  10. my friends, are free speech has become an endangerd thing. You guys might not now it (well you probaly do) but we are one of the last uncensored places in the US. Radio is losing it's power and KPFA are only free speach radio staion out hear (one of the last) is being choaked to death by the powers at be. There not even aloud to show people that have fought cansor with out using drugs our radiation only gold label and high potency green teas on th TV, cause the drug companys have there fingers in every dam thing. You no who was the the CEO of the biggest drug company in the world a few years ago DICK "im having a heart attack" CHEANY! And you know that all of his pals are still over there. Im affarid that the prospect of a marijana americana is not gonna happen. I hate to say it but look at the facts. Canada just un criminlzed it and bush fuckin cancelled his trip there to meet with the minister. Well there's my rant felt i had to get that out there, VIVA LA RESTONCE
  11. I know... I'm sure weed will never be legal in the US, EVER. But why must they portray potheads so lowly. What bugs me about the anti-bud ads so much is.. why aren't there anti-crack ads. Or anti-heroin? Other than the fact that weed is more readily available.. Still, they're more illegal than weed. Why no ads for it..
  12. my bro has been smoking bud like 5 times everyday for like 6 years, he had a 4.2 gpa, thats being blind in sighted classes(even phys ed n shit) and he has the iq of a genious... to me,that would make me want to do pot if i heard that...
  13. marijana 'mericana

    i like it
  14. politicians...


    the lot of them...
  15. heh, least they admitted that the bum wasn't doing harder drugs... too bad they had to show a bum

    one they, they may learn!!! BUT NOT TODAY UNLESS WE GET UP AND FIGHT!
  16. I can legally grow and smoke my own stash. Lucky me. I feel for others that have pain but haven't got the access.It has recently become a misdeameanor in Canada to possess less than 30 grams of pot. I feel once the government smells the cash cow waiting to be milked for all it's worth they will be sure and make it legal.This includes the USA. Why not use the marijuana profits to fund healthcare?Where does all the liquor money go? In the politicians pockets!!! Pot could become a huge industry to better all our lives.
  17. member the cheech and chong movie where tommy chong is goin "ya man, way i see it is, in a efw years there gonna legalize it anyway so im gonna get a head start" or something like that. they have thought that for along time and the way i see it is if anybody but mmm say the green partie is in control theres gonna be a snowballs chance in hells that it will happen.

  18. that was so honest. i appreciated, adn i hope i will understand it soon.
  19. I've seen it.. he looks like the kid from malcom in the middle... what a joke... course.. that's my brothers life.. but I know pleanty of smokers who are very sucessful... but see we cant' promote that to the youth of america, I mean with the music and movies and everything else influencing them we cant possibly show the truth about MJ can we? LoL
  20. It's pathetic, Luckily I'm in Australia, where the war on drugs has taken rather a back step, pot being dicriminalised in my state. I know my friends father's friend still got 6 months for growing (I know thats not that harsh, but its still illegal down here).. anyway.. where was I?

    Ah.. Its not about what you'll become.. What you are.. What you could be or what you've been in the past.. It's about your right.. The right that everyone has to do whatever the fuck they want to to their bodies.

    You wanna smoke weed like i'm sure we all do? :D We should be allowed to? Why, its just like free speech, which is also stifled.

    Its power at its worst.

    Fuck the world. Do what you want, but respect your brother and sister.

    -- its your right. Toked.

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