that kinda shit pisses me off

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. well, yesterday was my last day smokin bud, and today is the start of my new healthier life, my best friend is gonna help me out by quitting bud along with me and we're tryin to get back in shape cuz our lungs are fucked from robitussin/cigarettes, and also we're going on a quest to obtain as much money as possible as a team

    but that aint what pisses me off, what pisses me off is i just filled out a job application and i went to go turn it in, i was gone for a grand total of maybe 10 minutes and i come back and get accused of smokin "dope", when my dad has no type of evidence to back it up, i dont smell like weed, my car doesnt smell like weed, and my eyes arent red, nor do i look fucked up in anyway. he definitely outta know when i been smokin bud by now since i've came home everyday for the past year high. he's just an asshole, i wanna know how i managed to go get weed (with no money), turn in a job application, and smoked it in a pipe with the windows up since u cant light a bowl n drive wit the windows down(and since a blunt or joint would have taken me longer to roll/smoke than 10 minutes) without the car smellin like bud

    oh well, he's jus a grumpy fuck
  2. fuck proud of you nel..what happend to hitting him in the head with the pan dude?
  3. haha as funny as that would have been, i probably woulda killed him, cuz a frying pan isnt exactly soft.

    i'm still down for the lou kang flying air kick if he pisses me off again, i gotta wait til i can like get out of my house n shit for that one though haha
  4. Dont you love it when parents always assume that they know what they're talking about and they're always right?
    I think its all part of being a parent. I know that I always assume the worst. Cant help it. But when my kids are old enough and responsible enough if they wanna smoke, go for it, just stay outta my stash!!! :D
  5. yeah tell us how that kick goes man..but hey yeah my kids can smoke..but stay outta my plants
  6. That's AWESOME neg....and having a friend to go through it with makes it that much easier.

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