That isn't very hygenic, sir.

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  1. So, I'm smoking up with a mutual friend right now and I have to say that I'm utterly disgusted. This kid went into the bathroom for a shit, walked out about ten minutes later and stopped in the hallway. I peered around my wall all ninja-like and he had his hand in the back of his boxers, oh God. Afterwards he smelled his fingers, adjusted his belt and walked back into my room... asking if I'd like him to roll.

    What the fuck do I say? Note that I'm a "clean" person and just knowing that he didn't wash his hands disgusts me.
  2. Sounds like a pretty gross individual. I would be like "Bro what the hell you'll roll as soon as your disinfect your hands you caveman". Honestly though its pretty gross that he did that and shows a lack of cleanliness :/ I wouldn't toke with this guy again. Who the hell knows what he did before you smoke with him and putting your mouth on the same jay he is :/
  3. Should have just laughed and said something like "dude, even if you washed your hands in God's sink after you took a shit, I would still not let you roll this so soon after wiping your ass"

    and then roll it up yourself.
  4. Just laughed 5 minutes straight at thread title.
  5. Just tell him to go wash his hands because even if you don't let him roll, he'll still be touching what you just rolled.
  6. I just realized that this thread actually has a few responses. I'm definitely more curious about the other "mutual friends" that I smoke with and I'll probably be paranoid for quite some time! I was about to shove my own hand in his ass in the least homosexual fashion possible, it was revolting.

    I just don't get how people lack such basic hygiene. Nice to hear your input, blades.
  7. You have an immune system for a reason. Don't act like you have aids.
  8. He smelled his finger's HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YUM SHIT!!!!!

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