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  1. can Somebody help ID this plant!!!! Was a casual grower so I know what Cannabis should look like. There’s a bunch of these clustered growing amongst the many weeds that makes up my backyard. To me it’s identical to cannabis except they all have 3 fingers. They are getting beat up by bugs and the unlevel ground there has been staying wet. I mean been googling for an hr and can’t find a lookalike weed this close... will take a pic of the nodes tomoro but it looks lik cannabis to me lol... ty

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  2. Yea it’s called a “Not weed plant”

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  3. Definitely not weed dude.
  4. I guess I smoked to much tonite
  5. Oh sorry need to cover some how and keep her to 12 or less of any kind of light! Shade won't work. Or just let her go to the light hours receeds

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