That 70's Show

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  1. I don't know about you guys, but there is nothing I would rather do.. then sit down and do about 5 bowls of some dank ass weed. and then watch like 4 hours of straight that 70's show. smoke another bowl. and then go to bed. it just makes me sleep like a baby. I absolutely love that show. what are your guys's favoritess?
  2. i Like The Episode Where "Hyde" Get's "Red" And "Kitty" Fucked Off Them
    Space Brownies:D
  3. haha! my favorite is when red tokes with them in the circle. and he is sprayin the whip cream all over his head! haha
  4. i gotta say, my favorite episode is where they get caught in the circle before eric leaves to africa

    then they're all spacing out while being lectured to.

    classic 70's show :smoke:
  5. haha that is a kick ass one. fez is like trying to catch red's face out of the air.. and hyde and kelso can't stop laughing. haha

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