Thanksgiving Toking

Discussion in 'General' started by ChronicColossus, Nov 25, 2008.

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    Thursday is Thanksgiving for us Americans - will you be blazed while feasting or are you gonna be wishing you were?

    I'll be around family alllllllllll day and not a single one of them smokes - so i'll be wishing i was stoned all day.
  2. If I can get any I'd like to be stoned. A lot of my family doesn't smoke, some of them do.

    I don't mind being high around them, they can't really say much to me, and most of them know I'm a stoner.
  3. Im more Dry then the Turkey I won't be eating.
  4. Of course I'm getting high, I can't put up with my racist, redneck family talk about hunting for 10 hours in a normal state of mind...
  5. i feel ya man

    the ONLY thing making it bearable is my uncle is filthy disgusting rich. and the food. and the margarita machine. and watching the football game in the theater room. actually, doesnt sound that bad afterall :hello:

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