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Thanksgiving Toking Sesh anyone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by morpheus, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Well, my family being the cool people they are, tend to smoke when we have get togethers like this. I already know my cousin is bringing his vape over and I just picked up a q of some dank northern lights. Anyway, I have never smoked on thanksgiving before, my parents have, but I just recently came out and told my parents I smoke.

    It is needless to say, getting stoned and eating mad turkey and stuffing should be an enjoyable event =D
  2. hell yeah
    just wake and vaped with some no name blueberry :smoke:
    then eatin mass turkey later.
  3. Waiting for my buddy to come over so we can roll a couple rillos and smokeout around before we both have to leave for our family occasions :)
  4. Wake n bake to kill my hangover and I have another j rolled that I'll toke up a little before dinner is ready.
  5. The higher And higher I get as the day goes on!!!!
  6. Wake and bake, eat all day. :metal:
  7. Have a good'n today everyone !
    Taking a few hits out of Sherlock.
    Probably will roll one up before the feast.
  8. A few cousins and myself are gonna chill on the back porch and toke when we all get together today at my uncles....gonna be a good day with some fam :smoke:
  9. Ive never smoked on thanks giving either. Today I will. I have dome dank headband. Only have .3 so have to spread it out.
  10. Wake-n-bake a fat bowl of chocolope with the Herb Iron.

    Eat hella turkey, stuffing, and desserts.

    Afternoon: Blaze mad concentrates!

    Evening: Tinture (liquid THC)
  11. My mom knows I smoke, but she doesn't mind. I'm gonna smoke later today, but not while eating turkey :(
  12. yo? For those of us who have already wake n baked I think I'm going to need something for after all the food - what about a firecracker for later in the day? Anyone packing a joint or bowl around for later?
  13. I'm toking it right now. The food is just about done!! :rolleyes:
  14. Dinner is in an hour, just loaded my MFLB with some lemon haze, gonne vape a trench and pig out...

    Happy Thanksgiving GC!
  15. Takin' a few puffs out the glass to warm me back up.
    Smokin' a few more before the dinner. Then eating/dessert.
    Most likely will take a few snaps out the bong, chill out in the garage
    later or sometihng, have a good holiday !
    :smoking: :D
  16. Got a kief and trainwreck joint goin right now.
    Pumpkin pie never tasted so good.
    They need pie flavored rollin papers.
    Imagine, a coconut cream flavored J.
    Or a cherry pie one.
    Oh god. Im glad im going to a culinary school for college.
  17. Cant wait bouta GB a G of some dank right before eating so i can just MUNCH OUT HARDCORE!!!:smoke:

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