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Thanksgiving SUPER CHRON! Jack Herer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ar2orion11, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Heres a photo, should get your taste buds watering

    Happy Turkey Day

  2. Killer bud bro. Chiefed on some grape ape this morning.
    Happy Thanksgivingg
  3. So... i figure you found some in KS then? :cool:

    That shit is no ordinary jack herer... looks amazing man. How much it run you?

    Not gonna bash you as i know you couldn't find anything haha. Finding weed in any fucking state when you dont know anyone is quite the challenge... but it comes easy to some of us... who obviously look like stoners :wave:
  4. Looks killer man, but I swear I've seen that picture before.
  5. Maybe because I posted it before...
    I didn't get this is Kansas but I had no bud today so I thought I'd remember the buds I've had and thought I'd share it for those that have missed my previous posts
  6. looks like candy i just wanna eat it lol.
  7. Dank dank flower bro!! Enjoy that shit

  8. Yeah this is straight Oregon Buds. Still no Luck in KS.

    And ya, i try not to make myself look like a stoner or sloppy.
  9. I like jack A lot. It's. Nice change from haze that I can get rather easy.
  10. I just dress in skate clothes... wearing a burton shirt right meow. haha. Ive been skating since i was 7 on and off... so yeah haha. my whole woredrobe is skate brands.
  11. what's this talk about Kansas? pm me :)
  12. Lookin' dank. :smoke:

    It's just after 4:20am now, and I'm baked as well.
  13. He's in KS trying to score some herb... i wish him luck. Kansas seems like one of those "dry" states... i know it's just flooded with CO dank :smoke:
  14. Dam thats some legit fire
  15. Fuck wish I checked this thread before I got to the airport to leave Kansas... Shit

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