thanksgiving eve

Discussion in 'General' started by gravy, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. whats everyone doing tonight.... its thanks giving eve... one of the biggest bar/party nights of the year.... :D

    Its time for everyone to get out an get wilddddddddd....

    im going out...getting really bent... and listening to one of my fav. dj's spin...

    whilst most likely sipping on many grey goose and pine apple and or redbull all night looooooooong....

    sooo everyone tonights the night to givethanks for what we got and go get pre-emptivly messed up for thanks giving..... :p

    sooo what're you doing?
  2. Gonna hit up the bars, my nephew is coming home and just turned 21. :D Should be a really good time, lol.

    And of course I'm twisting a few up to bring with me. ;)

    Hope you all party hard tonight!!
  3. It's just a normal Wednesday night here in Ireland, oh well, the weekend is fastly approaching :)
  4. im here in bc, but i got a turkey in the fridge right now. cant WAIT to FEEEEEAAAAAASSST. im so glad my family doesnt mind my smoking anymore. getting stoned for a turkey dinner is FUCKING FANTASTIC!!

    thank you lord, for potatoes (both mashed and scalloped) for gravy (light and dark) and for TURKEY!!!

    oh yess, cant forget dear old weed :D
  5. I'm so pissed right now

    Stuck at my aunts house using an old ass Dell w/ a 33.6 k interenet connection to browse the city until everyone gets drunk enough that i can sneak out and smoke with out them notcing.

  6. hmmm.... you and all the ladies seem to being saying that tonight... :D

    departure in ten minutes.....then, date with disaster.....:p
    time to get beeeeeeeeent...

  7. rotflmao!! You crack me up gravy. :D

    I just got home from getting bent. Went out with the nephew as planned. Had a good time, I drank 12 pints of Guiness, lol. I swear sometimes I think I should have been born on the other side of the pond as fond as I am about the Guiness.

    Burning a couple of bongs now and relaxing for the short while before I crash out. Hope you have a great time friend.
  8. Going for the heineken now.

  9. overall good time... we had vip passes , so no line... someone else was driving.... good music about 3/4 of a bottle of belvidere....some red bull...some pinapple juice... some fine herbal refreshment as well as other::ahem:: things... :D

    the girlies where looking extremly fine too... to bad im on an all look no touch policey now....but its worth it.... :)

    wok at at 9 for work today... no headache or anything, i was inpressed...

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